Welcome to my newest personal blog, Hershey Kisses (dot) Me.

I've been blogging for more than a decade now since 2005.

My blog of 11 years (obnoxiousqueer.com) has been totally deleted and irrecoverable in 2018. I have data backup or storage issues and I simply lost all important files and memories too in a snap. Can't say more about it. Please don't let me. It's heartbreaking. (insert crying emoji).

Moving on,  I created a new one. This!

Have to start from scratch. Rebuilding from the ashes (lol) is not easy. But I think I can still do it. Don't you think?

Hope you enjoy what I'm writing, posting and sharing.

After all these years, I'm still learning and my writing style is still not perfect!  I don't care, that's why there is this thing called "blogging". We are all free to write and express according to our MOOD. PERIOD.

Pardon me, it's just my personal thought.

Give me some love! I would appreciate if you could make a comment down below letting me know you've at least read this. Hahaha.

Sealed with a kiss,


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