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Cebu Blogger - I can't contain my joy and happiness that finally, I made to pass my doTERRA Certification course as an Essential Oil Specialist. This definitely calls for a celebration, well, just at home with myself because we are still in the middle of the pandemic. I will share to you my story on my journey to pursue another career as an Aromatherapist. Hope this inspires you as well to push with your own passion and plans in life in your chosen field.

the watermark is intentional to avoid unauthorized use or copy of my collateral.

Tracking back...

Eight years ago, in 2012, I came across a video about essential oils. I was originally researching about amethyst crystals  (a major component of Biomat), a product of my then client as I've worked homebased as a virtual assistant for 5 years since 2010. And it lead me about learning crystals and essential oils. For crystals, I have written a number of blog posts here. Please scan them if you like. For now, let's concentrate with essential oils.

I made to do an in depth research about essentials oils which later on hooked me to perfumery in 2013. To make things short, I launched a new business, my own line of perfumes, linen and room sprays. The brand is Sweet Orgasm. My facebook page is still active 'til today.

Since then, I've started to incorporate the use of essential oils in my daily life, I aromatically use it using my ceramic pot diffuser. At least, that is the only method I know initially. Of course, I started to talk about it with friends too. I often times would gift them small bottles of essential oils for them to try at home. Yes, I pamper my pals a lot with good stuff if I like them! Hahaha...

My perfume business went to a hiatus after my chemist-friend changed career as a lawyer. So I have no choice but to set it aside as I am no chemist. But I still kept using essential oils, this time topically.

In 2015, because of my fascination with essential oils and flowers, I've open my own Cebu Flower Shop called Flowers Cafe Cebu. Yes, I'm a master florist as my current professional career. Months shortly after, I co-partnered with a friend and opened a Massage and Wellness spa, called ABIZA in Cebu City.

With the spa business, we created special blends of essentials oils like peppermint, eucalyptus and lavender as part of our massage oil recipes.

This is also the time I discovered two beauty oils which are facial oils and are expressed or cold-pressed. These are the liquid gold, Argan oil and the oil of the passion fruit tree, Maracuja oil. Argan oil is rich in Vitamin E so I've used it on day time. While the Maracuja oil is rich in Vitamin C, so I topically apply it at night only due to photosensitivity issue on the skin.

I have introduced these oils in our beauty wellness program in our massage spa.

But just like any other business, ABIZA closed down barely after 2 years in operation. This is one of my down turning moments. I've lost the business and of course, money... a lot... However, the flower shop in Cebu is still thriving 'til this day which is I'm also very overwhelmed.

Now, this 2020, the whole world is hit by a global health crisis. A lot of businesses were shut down. People are asked to stay home and be safe. This lead me to think to use my idle time into good use. While juggling between managing my online flower shop, keeping safe for Covid19, relationship and mental stress, I decided to pursue a new career.

After giving it much thought, I decided to enroll a second course, BS Psychology. Because I believe, this is a thriving industry or career in the next 20 years. I've written a blog post about it here if you are interested to know. However, my plan to go back to school for this course lead me to assess my options. The requirements are just too many and it will be impossible for me to suffice them because of our current situation beyond our control.

While, I'm taking a shower, it popped into my mind. Since I'm so obsessed with essential oils for years, why don't I venture in Aromatherapy both business-wise and career-wise? I asked myself. And the journey begins. I'm pursuing clinical aromatherapy in the furture.

The courses:

There are a lot of online academies out there offering trainings and certifications but we have to make sure they are legit and not scammers. Because they seem a lot out there and it took me weeks to research about it. Some lied with their accreditation. Anyone can easily claim they are accredited or their courses are certified but there a bunch of FAKES in the internet. It looks SUPER GOOD and LEGIT but they are not! So BEWARE!

I learned that there are legitimate organizations certifying practicing aromatherapist that are internationally recognized and is either based in the U.S. or the UK. There is NAHA or the National Association for Holistic Aromatherapist. You can check them here.You may also check IFA or International Federation of Aromatherapist that is UK-based.

I've chosen to be certified with NAHA. They have a number of accredited schools all over the world that offers Aromatherapy courses and is closely monitored for standards. One can get a Level 1, 2 and 3 certifications for them to practice as aromatherapist. With a level 3 certification, the options are endless and my target is in clinical aromatherapy.

Since it will take a year or two to finish these certifications, I also manage to study further about essential oils. The doTERRA University is offering a certification course for Essential Oil Specialist and that is a great start for a budding career. So I took it along with my other certifications. The course is designed for a self-paced learning. Technically, in a normal setting when you have less time, it will take you around 2 months or more for this complex course of essential oils to finish. I manage do complete it in 4 weeks time of course, OVER TIME,  at least along with my other courses.

The journey to become a certified aromatherapist is tedious, time-consuming, mentally-draining, and really expensive. The course isn't cheap at all. Range for level 1 is between Php 30,000 to Php 75,000 depending on the school. For level 2 and 3, it could range from Php 100k to Php 250k. The courses are in dollars, $$$. So I just did the conversion as of the current time.

Since this a professional career, lots of thoughts and patience is put into it. I personally find it really challenging as I have to deal a lot of chemistry (swear!), physiology subjects, up to 50 case studies and a Research Paper I have to produce before graduating the course. Really, I have to use a lot of time, effort and yes, essential oils for support.

One certificate down and three more to go but we are talking about years here. But made a good start.

And yes, I am now a certified Essential Oil Specialist. The first ever person to successfully acquire it in CEBU, PHILIPPINES.

the watermark is intentional to avoid unauthorized use or copy of my collateral.

If you want to book a consultation or appointment on essential oils, I would refer you to my site, Aromatherapist Cebu for rates.

I also do FREE consultations once in a while and infocoaching through my facebook page, Essential Oils Cebu Philippines  or youtube channel here.

So you better, AVAIL all the good and FREE Stuffs.

Sharing with you our very first video with a friend talking about Essential Oils in Bisaya.

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