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Cebu Blogger - It's been 8 years now (circa 2012) that I've encountered my obsession of using essential oils. I discovered it accidentally when I was researching about amethyst crystals for my client's business. When I was busy skipping videos on youtube, I stumbled on to essential oils. And that is how I started my fascination with it.


I tried to purchase my very first stash of essential oils from a stall in  SM CITY CEBU (Chemworld Fragrances) that offers DIY perfumes. I then bought a ceramic pot diffuser where I have to use a tea light candle underneath it to warm the oils mixed in water. I had a good experience using it and so I continued to research more and buy oils online.

My first online purchase was with Young Living. I bought a bottle of lavender and peppermint. Then I tried to seek local stores selling aromatic natural oils which I found one at the mall. Through the years, I've learned that some of my friends are using essential oils.

I've also met a Singaporean Lady, Winnie Fannon who is also a Young Living distributor that time here in Cebu. She conducts a workshop on YL's essential oils that I attended. Since it is mandatory for one to be a member of Young Living to purchase their oils at a much discounted price, I opted not to register as I just simply can't afford their starter kit at that time. So, I simply would only buy a bottle or two of my fave essential oils from my friends who have distributor accounts with the company.


Through my journey, I discovered that WATSON'S in AYALA CENTER CEBU is selling 100% pure essential oils bearing the brand label, Green Therapy Apothecary. And they sell oils that are very affordable. At that time, a bottle of 15 ml is at Php 199 only for a variety of essential oils. I was hoarding all the oils I could get from them.


I also manage to discover OrySpa in Ayala Cebu. They have a mini stall at the 2nd level of the mall. I love their cedarwoods, rose, and bergamot essential oils. Price is also affordable. And so I was happy that I have options locally here in Cebu city that I can simply access them whenever I wanted. However, times change because of this current pandemic we all faced.

DAISO and Technopop

DAISO Japan in Ayala Center Cebu sold nice quality aromatic essential oils. A newly opened store in the mall named TECHNOPOP also sells Essential Oils kit which I'm happy to try. It is not pricey at all. I even gave my friends a bottle each during Christmas one time.

Young Living

At the second quarter of the year, 2020, I gave it a deep thought to pursue a new career path in Clinical Aromatherapy. I've just written a new blog post about my recent certification as an Essential Oil Specialist. Do check that one out too. So midyear, I also decided to join Young Living and doTERRA as a member. This is because they are selling quality essential oils in the market, however, pricey but they offer discounts to members. So I just took the opportunity because I will be using more essential oils soon for my case studies as I'm currently working with my level 1 and level 2 certifications in Aromatherapy.

It is easy to become a member for Young Living, a Multi-Level Marketing (MLM) company,  you just need to buy their Premium Starter Kit priced around Php 9k including shipping. I find this one really expensive for a beginner. It took me 8 years before I joined them. HAHAHAHA. However,when you calculate the cost of the items included in the kit, it is definitely worth it.

If you can afford and wanted to join Young Living, do let me know. You can enroll using my Sponsor and Enroller ID 24806071.


And so there is doTERRA another MLM company which is a close competitor of Young Living. To be a wholesale customer or member of doTERRA is way more cheaper than YL. I availed their Premium Starter Kit at PHP 1750 only with 3 pure essential oils included in it. So, it is not heavy on the pocket, really.

I suggest for those who wanted to have their own journey with essential oils, try doTERRA. They also have a nice Loyalty Rewards Program or LRP that I also love. I compared the prices of the two companies. doTERRA is a bit expensive on a number of oils than YL though not all. There are also oils that is much expensive in YL than doTERRA. However, doTERRA has more options of essentials oil at the moment.

It is cheaper to be wholesale customer with doTERRA. Their starter kit is really not expensive for me.

Plant Therapy

Plant Therapy is another international brand based in the US but is not an MLM company. This means that their essential oils are cheaper, way affordable at a fraction of cost than the two MLM leaders I mentioned above. Membership is not required. You can also earn rewards on your succeeding purchases with their oils. However, the downside is, the shipping cost is expensive. But they have more options for essential oils compared to the two MLM brands and is way affordable. 

Cebu Essential Oils

Because I'm obsessed with essential oils, I opened an online hub where one can buy essential oils in Cebu per bottle. You don't need to pay a hefty membership just to start collecting your first essential oils.

I will be offering "per bottle" and  smaller introductory bottles (5 ml) of essential oils either from Young Living, doTERRA and/or Plant Therapy. You may check it here, ESSENTIAL OILS CEBU.

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I will be giving giveaways, discounts and promos of our chosen essential oils to be shared with our followers. Also, as a certified Essential Oil Specialist, I offer free advice and tips on the use of specific essential oils. You will have the advantage when you like our facebook page above.

For consultations on essential oils and aromatherapy, pls. visit here.

I will soon introduce REVIVE, Eden's Garden and Rock Mountain essential oils.

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