Period 9 Thriving Buiness Opportunities Feng Shui 2024 to 2043

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Cebu Blogger - What would be the most thriving businesses, careers or industries to hit on Period 9 cycle that starts on year 2024 to 2043? In Feng Shui, a Chinese Metaphysics art, the external energy that relates to the environment  changes per cycle. A cycle or era is composed of  20 years.

Currently, we are in Period 8 cycle which has the Earth element. Period 9 starts on 2024 until 2043. However, the transition to Period 9 began in 2017 already.

In Chinese metaphysics, there are five basic principles that share a relationship and interaction. These are the five elements:


Period 9 will have the element of FIRE. So business and industry to thrive in Period 9 will have something to do with FIRE or its representation or manifestation. In other words, period 9 is the Digital Age.

It is advised that businesses should go digital in terms of their marketing strategies, methodologies, processes, even bookkeeping and accounting for them to thrive in this digital era.


We have 4 years to prepare before we hit year 2024. This article is written in June 2020. Businesses are highly suggested to be Period 9 compliant. And that means a consideration to tap using information technology aspect or simply going digital.

What does FIRE represents?

The SOUTH sector of any space or location is governed by the element of FIRE. So we expect those countries located in the southern sectors of the globe to thrive like Brazil in South America, Indonesia in South part of Asia, South Africa, and a lot more cities and places.


Prerequisites to open a business or expanding one:

1. Have a careful business analysis through case study, business research, proposals.
2. Check capital or cash flows or source of funding.
3. Define marketing strategies using social media
4. Lead generation and customer database asset
5. Systematic inventory management
6. Check logistics management
7. How are products and services given to end-users or clients.
8. Strong knowledge about the business in all its aspects and workarounds

Thriving Business and Industry Opportunities in Period 9

1. Oil related industries like petroleum, gas or fuel
2. Restaurant or food business because cooking needs heat or flame.
3. Tourism like the airline companies.
4. Technology that involves computers, electronics, engine and electricity
5. Firearms, military or artillery
6. Promotion and services like the PR Firms or marketing or branding agencies
7. Beauty aesthetics like salons, gym and fitness centers, selling of beauty products and cosmetics, surgical beauty enhancement services, plastic surgery. Careers as Make Up artists, hair dressers, pageant coaches or establishing training camps, health coaches, wellness services and products
8. Fashion designing and textile manipulation
9. Entertainment industry and performing arts. Theater actors, singers, dance performers, celebrities, influencers, artist, tv or movie actors.
10. Religious and theological careers for those interested in becoming a pastor or priest or religious leaders.
11. Robotics and Artificial Intelligence or AI
12. Genome and pathogen science
13. Cardiologists, Psychologist, Infectious Disease (blood) physician, Optalmologist, Optometrist

How to be Period 9 compliant as a business?

Well, we have 4 years to prepare to be able to tap the DIGITAL AGE energy and make sure the existing business will thrive in the next cycle.

Example: For a local cebu flower shop.

-try to create a website or e-commerce shop to post products and services
-use social media to market products and services like creating a facebook page, instagram, twitter, youtube, etc.
-register as a service provider in your local delivery app agencies for deliveries
-hire an assistant to process your bookkeeping and accounting systems online

These are the many ways to make your existing business Period 9 compliant. Note, four years will be enough for research and acquiring additional funds or capital for business development.

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Possible health risks and natural disasters we can expect on Period 9 cycle in Feng Shui perspective.

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