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Cebu Blogger - June has been considered a critical month for this year, 2020 as it is governed by the animal sign, the HORSE in reference to the Chinese Zodiac sign. It is the animal symbol that is in direct conflict with this year's sign, the RAT. In terms of the basic elements in Chinese Metaphysics (wood, fire, earth, metal and water), the month of June has the element of FIRE. 2020 is the year of the Metal Rat. The animal Rat has the element of WATER which also governs the month of December.

The kind of relationship that both the water and fire has is definitely not harmonious. It entails arguments, conflicts, marital scandals, break ups, mental distress like depression and anxiety. These two elements don't mix well together. Thus, June is a clash month of the year's energy of the Rat.

In my previous forecast that I made on June 5, 2020, in reference to my podcast episode, JUNE 2020 FORECAST  I did some fearless warnings or interpretation on the possible uncontrollable events  to happen in this Horse-governed month with the Yang Fire element.

To give you an overview feng shui perspective, here's what I've made to forecast:

-Arguments, riots and conflicts to arise within the community and this is obviously seen in the news globally where citizens have become unruly
-Social media wars between netizens that may escalate on law suits and legal accusations
-Suicide, depression and anxiety attack cases rising due to mental stress
-Fire accidents happening worldwide. Take note to what happened with AMAZON'S warehouse in California, USA
-Natural disasters like earthquakes and volcanic activities or eruption


June 21, 2020 - Annular Solar Eclipse

In a lot of cultures around the world, a Solar eclipse could mean a bad omen. Take note of last year's solar eclipse that happened on December 26, 2019. We know what happened to the world up to this very day, we have the pandemic of covid19.

July 5, 2020 - Penumbral Lunar Eclipse

Well, lunar eclipse are just fine and doesn't actually affect the energies or it doesn't bring any bad luck at all. So it is safe to get expose or stare at it on this day. Satisfy your viewing pleasure.

December 14, 2020 - Total Solar Eclipse

Avoid getting exposed during this natural phenomenon in the sky. Stay at home and rather just watch it online. This would bring serious issues to one when exposed to it that could hit their health and wealth conditions. This eclipse could have the worst effect on the world's economy.

It's a day when there is an extreme Yin energy that takes over. The Yang energy could weaken or depleted. In the old Chinese saying,  exposure to the eclipse for 2 minutes means 2 years of bad energy. You don't want that, right?

December 2020 Forecast

As early as now, amid the Covid19 pandemic, the world is in deep struggle and a lot of people are dying and is in a serious financial crisis. However, when the months with WATER elements, November and December will come and especially after the Total Solar Eclipse on December 14, we should rather remain financially stable as the succeeding days will be seriously challenging.

In Chinese Metaphysics, Metal supports or is the resource to Water. Since we are on a METAL RAT (water) year, we will experience too much of the elements and this could mean a lot of good and bad things.

When we have too much water elements, this could also mean the following:

1. Natural disasters like flood or deluge and even another super typhoon to hit the world. Hope this would never happen but there is a high chance it will rave havoc to humanity. So, let us all prepare for these dreadful calamities.
2. Sea or Ocean accidents. There might be major ship collisions or a sea vessel sinking or some sort of ocean tragedy on these months. Avoid traveling by sea or even by plane too. A high chance of air or plane crash accidents in which the aircraft could submerged in the sea.
3. A lot of governments worldwide will be in chaos. Metal represents law and order or governance. This year, Metal sits on Water. There is too much instability, mismanagement and failure to control peace. Literally, metal would sink into the water, right?
4. There will be a 2nd wave of recession or financial crisis, globally. Could be the worst ever the world markets to experience. Again, the METAL element represents finance or money. We can expect bearish stock markets or a nosediving economy to hit us.
5. We might face another dreadful disease that also easily spreads. Could be brought by rats or any rodent-related carrying such disease. Or the covid19 will again peak on these months. Virus diseases are associated to the water element.  And Metal also represents the LUNGS in our human organ. Thus, this respiratory-related sickness we faced.
6. When we have too much water elements in our system, this could affect some organs in our body. Note, the water element represents our kidneys and reproductive organs. There is an imbalance in these areas. We might have stomach issues like DIARRHEA or any related issues.
For those who are into dialysis or have pre-existing conditions like cervical cancer, it could get triggered on these months so make sure to really take caution. Get ready with your medications and always keep yourself healthy when you can. If you are interested about BAZI READING that will cover your possible health risk in life, do let me know or refer here HEALTH RISK reading.
7. The emotions brought about by the water element is FEAR. People will definitely feel most of it on these months. How can we avoid it? Well, this negative energy will be there. We just need to manage it when it comes. That means, save enough cash when we can. Stay liquid. We have July until October to really prepare for the rainy days. Preparation gives us confidence and that is one effective way to stay strong while facing fear.
8. Taking care of our Mental Health is a paramount concern as a lot will experience depression, anxiety, phobia due to uncertainties and stress. The water element could affect the way we think. So don't overthink. Be wary of suicide news.
9. The missing elements this year are FIRE and EARTH. And just a little wood. Again, an imbalance with the elements. This would mean, there is no EARTH element to contain or control the water. So it means, an overflow. In Chinese metaphysics, Water puts off fire. Water is the dominant element. Since there is too little wood energy to exhaust the water, it will drown it. For health concerns, take care of your heart, eyes, ears, blood and small intestines as these organs and body parts represent the FIRE element. When water conquers fire, these will be seriously affected. The stomach, pancreas, large intestine, and cells represent the EARTH element. These organs and body parts will be put into too much stress. The WOOD however, governs the liver and gall bladder, head, bones and legs.
10. There might be a lot of drowning incidents with celebrities or famous people. And relationship-breakups especially those couples having both the rat and the horse animal signs in their birth chart. If you want to have a personal BAZI reading, 

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Again, these are all predictions or forecasts based on the five elements in Chinese metaphysics with their interaction and energies that they bring as well as the relationship of the animal zodiac signs in Chinese Astrology. It is not fortune telling of one's life per se.

These serve as guides for us to be prepared in mind, body and spirit.

Knowledge is power. When we are aware of the possible outcomes on the days ahead, it gives us confidence to face it will full confidence. And that makes us strong against these adversities.

I hope we prepare now, we still have enough time. Please feel free to share this post to your love ones and colleagues and friends. Let us all stay together as one humanity.

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