December 2020 Forecast

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Cebu Blogger - June has been considered a critical month for this year, 2020 as it is governed by the animal sign, the HORSE in reference to the Chinese Zodiac sign. It is the animal symbol that is in direct conflict with this year's sign, the RAT. In terms of the basic elements in Chinese Metaphysics (wood, fire, earth, metal and water), the month of June has the element of FIRE. 2020 is the year of the Metal Rat. The animal Rat has the element of WATER which also governs the month of December.

The kind of relationship that both the water and fire has is definitely not harmonious. It entails arguments, conflicts, marital scandals, break ups, mental distress like depression and anxiety. These two elements don't mix well together. Thus, June is a clash month of the year's energy of the Rat.

In my previous forecast that I made on June 5, 2020, in reference to my podcast episode, JUNE 2020 FORECAST  I did some fearless warnings or interpretation on the possible uncontrollable events  to happen in this Horse-governed month with the Yang Fire element.

To give you an overview feng shui perspective, here's what I've made to forecast:

Feng Shui Daily Forecast

Theme: Chinese Almanac

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Cebu Blogger - Forecasting means able to predict or estimate a certain outcome or event to happen in a given time as well as space in feng shui perspective. It is definitely and totally different from fortune telling. The latter is about a prediction of a person's life and such practice could involve some divination.

Feng shui is the study of external land forms and the environment's flow of energy or Qi (chi). It translates to WIND-WATER. It is one of the five arts of Chinese metaphysics.

Period 9 Thriving Buiness Opportunities Feng Shui 2024 to 2043

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Cebu Blogger - What would be the most thriving businesses, careers or industries to hit on Period 9 cycle that starts on year 2024 to 2043? In Feng Shui, a Chinese Metaphysics art, the external energy that relates to the environment  changes per cycle. A cycle or era is composed of  20 years.

Currently, we are in Period 8 cycle which has the Earth element. Period 9 starts on 2024 until 2043. However, the transition to Period 9 began in 2017 already.

In Chinese metaphysics, there are five basic principles that share a relationship and interaction. These are the five elements:


Period 9 will have the element of FIRE. So business and industry to thrive in Period 9 will have something to do with FIRE or its representation or manifestation. In other words, period 9 is the Digital Age.

Cebu Flower Shop offers Father's Day Gifts

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Cebu Flower shop - Father's day is next sunday, June 21, 2020. So if you are planning to surprise the man in the house on this special holiday for daddy, then better check this flower shop in cebu's options on their website. In this time of the pandemic, you have still many reasons to shower love to your father in a most health way.

Father's Day gift options

1. A good body nourishment is essential as well as boosting our immune system. Material things could not be a good present in our current situation. A nice healthy surprise for your beloved daddy is a basket of tropical fruits. Cebu fruit basket can be purchased through their website.

Order this fruit basket in this Cebu flower shop online. 

It is a centerpiece with 5 varieties for fruits rich in vitamin C and other vitamins and minerals. It might contain bananas, apples, oranges, mangoes, grapes, pineapples, ponkans and other tropical fresh fruits available in the market. Plus of course, some local flowers to make it more presentable.

How to pay SSS Contribution with PAYMAYA?

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Cebu Blogger - While we are not embracing the new normal, there are a number of ways being introduced to conveniently pay our SSS contribution and one of that is through PAYMAYA. It is very simple. We can settle our monthly contributions in less than 3 minutes. We don't need to go out from our home and line up in payment centers or even in SSS office just to settle our contributions. We can do it using our mobile phone.

What are the steps in paying our SSS contributions with PAYMAYA?

1. Download and install the SSS mobile app on your mobile phone. For Android users, visit the Google Play Store. For iphone users, visit the Apple Store.
2. Download and install the PAYMAYA app on your mobile phone (refer to step 1). You may download and register here:
3. Load cash or funds to your Paymaya Account. Make sure to UPGRADE it. Once the upgrade is approved, you will get an instant credit back to your account of PHP 50. To earn the credit, use our referral code: 3wewgk8

PAYMAYA's partner banks and payment centers are 7-11, Palawan Pawnshop, Cebuana, Western Union, BOD, BPI, Metrobank, UnionBank, Chinabank, Security Bank, etc. More details on PAYMAYA loading centers.