For those publishers or owners of blogs or websites, one way to greatly earn a passive income out from it is through Google Adsense. We can earn revenues or profit through the ads we display that are related to our content we published. Once we determined our target market or audience, we should work hard to increase its traffic leading to our web pages. The more traffic, the more chance of ads being clicked. We can always filter or select advertisers that will be allowed on our web pages or choose those with high cost per click earning generation. We can also block certain advertisers. But what if our cpc is really low?

Recently, a lot of Google Publishers  have experienced a low or zero cpc with their Adsense earnings. This began when the global health crisis started to affect almost all countries in the world especially the greatly hit, USA.

If you have been tracking your earnings on a daily basis, you will notice a zero or even low cost per click or cpc with your adsense-driven web pages.

Most especially those having travel or tourism related websites suffered much of this cpc issues. As a number of countries imposed the international travel bans that lead to flight suspensions of airline companies, we only see a few advertisers.

What could be the reason for this?