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The moment I wake up. Before I put on me make up. Me say a little prayer to God above. Oh, you thought I'm making a videoke post as you start singing at the moment?! But no, it's just random lyrics that runs in my head every time I'm thinking of inconsiderate pest in our society. Not even offering it to them but for God to hopefully banish evil but I don't decide on those matters.  And so, I  went ahead to check my Luck calendar if the day would run smoothly on my favor, or if it would be a bit of challenge and I need to be extra cautious. Turns out, it's my CLASH day!  Should I be worried?

Me at Straight Up Bar, 17th floor, Seda Central Bloc

What's a CLASH?

In BAZI (a metaphysics system to determine one's destiny), a CLASH means instability, insecurity, change (good or bad).  It could also mean movement.  I highly suggest you read my previous blog post about BAZI reading  to better understand this article.

Given the information I got for that day, I have to make my way. Should I go with the flow or fight against the current? I will let you know so keep reading below.

The day is a clash against my YEAR pillar animal. But it is also my HOUR day. So how did I move forward?

On that early afternoon, I did a significant disbursement of funds. I hired someone to work on a piece of lot I recently purchased in February and would want a transfer of ownership to my name. I believe this is the effect of that "day clash". I think, it is a big change to my pool of investments. This time, a piece of earth. Based on my chart, I need the "EARTH" element to keep my balance. I went too literal for it (hahaha)  I don't find anything wrong with it. Because "EARTH" has something to do with stability, strength, security in the future which I lack.

Luck Direction

Since I know it is a clash day for me, I just downplayed it and didn't mind that I have to attend the Media gathering of the newest hotel in the heart of Cebu IT PARK.

Seda Central Bloc Cebu is the second property of SEDA Hotels in the Queen City of the South, Cebu! It is located at the heart of Cebu IT Park in Lahug. It is connected through Ayala Malls (Central Bloc) through the 5th floor access.

March 04, 2020 is the day of Seda Central Bloc's first Media gathering at the Straight Up Bar situated at the 17th floor of the hotel. And I was there enjoying some booze of mocktails and wines. I had my Shirley Temple and my Minty Mango juice too. I loose count on how much I had that hour. I was able to maintain a sober state, though.

Could be my LUCK drink?

All guests (mostly media, bloggers and influencers) were surprised with the raffle! I have to make a confession that I've guessed the first lucky winner being picked which was a friend at the same table I am in. Rabsin just got lucky ahead of me. But I didn't mind.

I sat facing the South. On my Luck calendar, this is considered an auspicious direction of the hour around 5:00 to 6:30 PM. It is also not my clash hour though. So it must be a very good timing. And if I prayed for good luck, it is bound to happen. Which I said to my inner self.

1st Media Gathering of Seda Central Bloc Cebu

The lucky winner has two "X" on his name... XerXes!

Well, it did! I was picked last, the final lucky winner of a 2 Bedroom Suite in Seda Central Bloc's serviced deluxe apartments. Of course, I brought some little friends of mine in my purse that might double my luck chance. If you want to know more about luck crystals, click the link itself.

Proof that I got LUCKY! hahaha

I'm happy to share with you some snap shots I took when I did a room tour of Seda Central Bloc with their rooms and serviced deluxe residences. 

the side Lobby

Misto Restaurant

Part of the 2 Bedroom Suite, a living space.

2 Twin Beds in their 2 Bedroom suite

The Deluxe Studio in their Serviced Residences

Fitness Gym


Swimming Pool

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