COVID-19: 10 checklist to do before a lockdown

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Globally, the health issue that we face as inhabitants of this earth is the evil disease that we call COVID-19. In my previous blog post about it, I have detailed some preventive measures on how to avoid getting infected with the virus here in the Philippines or even if we are somewhere around the world, it doesn't matter whatever geographic location we are in.  Feel free to click the hyperlinked text and will be directed to the post and learn from it.

As the recent confirmed corona virus cases data from DOH-PH has risen to 33 (as of March 11, 2020), there is a possible localized or quantified lockdown of cities or town where known patients infected with COVID-19 come from.

Let us define what a lockdown is.

LOCKDOWN- is a state of confinement or isolation or restricted access been executed by those in authority say, the government as a form of security measure.

To ensure public health is protected or the spread of the disease to be contained or controlled, this is one thing that will be implemented. In simple terms, if a certain area is on lockdown, no one is allowed to get out or get in of that area's parameters.

How should we react in case of a lockdown?

Well, as of the moment, no city or town has been on lockdown, YET. I have created a checklist as a preparation when the time comes when a possible lockdown is about to happen specifically in the area we are living. Nothing beats a person that is well prepared during a health crisis or for any crisis of some sort. As the numbers increased in our country with those infected with the COVID-19, it is better to be vigilant or at least do some precautionary measures of our own.

We can learn from what happened in Wuhan when it is put to lockdown by their Chinese government.

I don't suggest we do panic buying but only get what is essential that we might need in the next two or three months when this COVID-19 situation becomes worse in case our area is recommended for a lockdown.

Just the thought of it, we will certainly be in panic mode. However, let us educate ourselves further with logic and right information. In the event of lockdown, public transportation like mrt, lrt, buses, or jeepneys will be suspended to operate beyond the area's parameters because no one is allowed to get out but mobilization within the area continues. Yes, we can still commute within the area and visit malls like we used to.

The supermarket will be open still as well as other business establishments. Supplies and resources will still be ongoing and that is something that LGUs or the government will be able to do.

A lockdown doesn't mean we will be doomed with our freedom to do the usual things we are accustomed. But I'm sure we will certainly learn how to adapt in this new change. We can still continue our day-to-day activities but we can't just travel out to another city or town. That is just it.

Classes might be suspended or some private offices will be closed too.

Before the lockdown (if ever), here is what we should do asap. My 10 checklist as precautionary measures before a lockdown:

1. Check our Emergency Fund.

As what I've learned when I studied financial management and getting involved with stock market investing, this fund should be about thrice my monthly income or salary (single peeps). For married couples with kids, it could be 6x of the monthly income or salary you are earning. More info on how to calculate an emergency fund.  I suggest to keep some cash on hand. This is something that should be built years ago. In other words, savings. This is not something we create just now.

What if we don't have an Emergency Fund or a little savings? 

 I personally don't have an advice on that. Maybe, save when we can ASAP.

2. Clean our house or unit or room meticulously.

Time to disinfect or thoroughly clean our living spaces. I think this is something we should do on a regular basis with or without the possibility of a lockdown. Being clean with our spaces and practicing a good personal hygiene like washing of our hands regularly, using alcohol or sanitizer could spare us from catching COVID-19.

3. Do the laundry and make sure clean linens, towels, pillow cases, blankets etc. are on reserve.

I personally just have my dirty stuffs washed in a laundry shop but it is time to really try to wash my clothes at home. It is nice to always have clean linens to use.

4. Shop for basic groceries.

I stock on canned goods, noodles, condiments, biscuits and other groceries good for 3 months including pet food. I'm living alone in a condo and I know how much I could consume. It is my usual grocery shopping but just a little bit more. I don't suggest we panic buy. Do not hoard and make sure other people will also get their essentials.

For example, I usually just buy a pack of noodles, but this time, I bought 2 packs. I could have grabbed 10 packs, but, NO. That is just greed and selfishness. Besides, I calculated what I need before going to the supermarket.

5. Stock on vitamins and minerals to keep healthy.

It is still best to keep ourselves healthy and maintain a good immune system to combat the virus. Have Vit C, at least. I live in an area where there are 4 major pharmacies so I just maintained my chill. I have bought an extra box of what I need, though.

I have revisited my First Aid kit and made sure I have the necessary medicines like paracetamols, loperamides, anti histamines, etc.

6. Make sure I have enough drinking water.

Well, it is not new to me. I always have mineral water reserves at home that will keep me covered for at least 2 months. I'm good in this section. And hydration is important too to fight the virus, so, 'DRINK YOUR WATER, BITCH'.

7. Checking light bulbs, electrical lines, water connections and making repairs asap.

When the worst time comes, it will be hard to look for a repair man or go outside to buy replacements. Prepare candles, lighters, emergency lights.

8. Back to reading books.

Time to read books as we might be stuck at home. I will now have attention to all the books I bought from last year's BIG BAD WOLF sale.

If with family, it is time to bring out those playing cards and other board games so we wont be "bored".

9. Know about online banking or bills payments.

I have activated my mobile banking apps as well as other online payment options.

Most utilities now can be paid using gcash, paymaya, online banking, etc. This will spare me from going outside just to settle bills. I just make sure my accounts has enough cash or load, else, it will be useless.

And yes, our DOH is trying to push this thing called ''SOCIAL DISTANCING". It is like avoiding public events or gatherings or simply being in a crowd. Staying at home is highly suggested.

10. Pray, take enough sleep, keep an eye on the news. Communicate with love ones.

We need to put trust in the Lord for everything this world is experiencing. We don't have super powers. A Divine intervention is what we all need.

'Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding; in all your ways submit to him, and he will make your paths straight.' - Proverbs 3: 5-6.

Having enough rest and sleep is essential for our vital organs to function and of course to improve our total well-being.

Communication is definitely a key to better understand situations and to check with our family and love ones especially those that are far apart with each other.

Let us all pray that a lockdown may never happen in any part of our country or even other countries as this could be really stressful.

Hope you can help spread this awareness to your family and those you care.

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