6 Urgent Things to do AFTER the Home Quarantine period

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Our local communities, cities, towns, provinces or even our entire country has been put into enhanced community quarantine or lockdown because of the growing pandemonium of the covid19 since December 2019. This has definitely changed our lifestyle. We learned to discover things about ourselves, family, friends, government and has taught us that what matters most is to be healthy and be ALIVE. As they say, HEALTH IS WEALTH. What do we do now after the quarantine period?

Staying at home for weeks to even months has put all of us into boredom, while some were trying to be creative, it was also a time where we assessed our self in terms of our financial status, work, health and relationships. We can start now to check back our notes on what plan of action to take.

Let us remind ourselves. Failing to plan is planning to fail. And not taking action is like putting great ideas into the trash bin. Based on the 6 Steps of Building a Solid Financial Foundation, here’s what I can share with you:

FIRST, Increase Cash Flow

By this time, we will be back to work. Or if we are a business owner, we may now start with our usual operations. Everything will get back to normal. Take this opportunity to earn money whether through passive income or through selling something that we have thought while on quarantine period. Think of how we can increase sales or be productive and get more cash in return.

Money or cash is needed to move things. And the next steps would definitely rely on how much we have. So let us build that one first as fast as we can.

SECOND, Healthcare

Before we expand on how to get a healthcare plan if we don’t have one yet, here are the lists of what we should do:

1.    Have our eyes checked. During the quarantine period, we might spend much time on our computers, mobile phones or ipads and it could have affected our vision. And yes, electronic devices emit radiation or electromagnetic smog that might put us at risk too. Please check the article I’ve written about the 10 Crystals we can use to eliminate electromagnetic radiation.

2.    Restock on our vitamins, supplements and maintenance medicines. We don’t know if there will be another quarantine that will be extended to a few months, it is good to be prepared.
3.    Visit a physician for health checkup asap. It will be a good time to visit our doctor and have all family members involved in it. Get dental services when we can.
4.    Continue to practice personal hygiene. I guess everyone right now is conscious on being clean at all times. Keep washing our hands, taking a bath and sanitizing our living spaces.
5.    Bring pets to the veterinary clinic. If pets have been sick, have them checked asap.

Now, let’s talk about healthcare. Getting sick is expensive. It could deplete our savings. The worst reality of the majority of us is we just don’t have money on hand. Hospitalization bill could drain not only our physical and mental energies but also our pockets.

Our options are:


1.    Get a healthcare plan. The cheapest we can get here in the Philippines is PHILCARE. Visit their website here.

For ADULTS age 18 to 64 years old, the cheapest we can get is PHP 1,670 valid for 1 year. Benefits start 7 days after activation or payment of the plan. This is a short term healthcare only.

Benefit Amount Limit is PHP 40,000
Additional benefit of PHP 50,000 for ACCIDENTAL DEATH & DISMEMBERMENT.

Their website tells more about their products and the illnesses that are covered and not covered based on the plan.

2.    Register for PHILHEALTH or make sure the contributions are updated and account is active. Visit their website or any nearest Philhealth hub.

3.    SENIOR CARE plan for Seniors age 61 to 100 years old. It is hard for senior citizens to get a healthcare plan here in the Philippines. But I know one company offering a plan for the aged.

As an example,  for age 61 to 70 years old. PLAN 250K

Annual premium is Php 25,300
Semi-annual premium is Php 14,421

Annual Healthcare Benefit Limit: Php 250,000

Of course, we have the option to get up to PLAN 1M (1 MILLION)

I’ve written an article about Affordable Healthcare Insurance for Seniors in the Philippines.

Contact me if you wish to avail the plan. I’m a licensed broker authorized by IMG or the International Marketing Group.


This type of Healthcare will take care of us beyond the years of our employment or retirement age. It is best to always have a personal long term healthcare for ourselves and our family too.


Most companies now offer healthcare insurance to their employees as one of the many benefits they provide. However, what happens if we got terminated from work or have resigned or have retired already? Our healthcare benefit with the company also ends.

So it is wise to secure our own ‘personal’ healthcare plan when we can still afford or has the money to pay its premium while being employed. We will be thanking ourself in the future when we do so now.

1.    ULTIMATE KAISER HEALTH BUILDER. I highly recommend this product or plan. I personally have accounts with this healthcare product.

It is not just a healthcare plan; it is 3n1.

It means it has healthcare benefits, life insurance and retirement/savings under one account only. We will never find any product similar or greater than it here in the Philippines.

More info of the product here.

I’ve written an article about KAISER LONG TERM HEALTH CARE and feel free to check it

If you wish to get a plan for yourself and family, let me know as I’m also a licensed broker authorized by IMG or the International Marketing Group who is the only official broker of the product.

Interested to be a licensed IMG Broker, apply here.

Note, to be a broker is another step to take to INCREASE OUR CASHFLOW. This is another way to earn passive income. Remember what I mention above as the first step to do after the Quarantine Period?

2.    SSS/GSIS/PAGIBIG Contributions. If we are employed in the government, private company or self-employed, make sure that our contributions are updated and account is active. Or let us secure one for ourself if we haven’t any.



With these government agencies, we can fund our PENSION or RETIREMENT, avail emergency loans, calamity loans, maternity, housing or whatever loans.

THIRD, Protection/Life Insurance

After securing first our healthcare plan, it is time to get a Life Insurance. Yes, we are often times annoyed when insurance agents try to persuade us in getting one. But I guess by now, we already know the answer. It is a necessity already. So let us get one for ourselves and family too.

In an unfortunate event when we ‘untimely’ die (God forbids), the beneficiaries that we have nominated like our direct family will get the life insurance benefits and they could still use the cash benefit to continue with their lives.

1.    Again, if you understand the above LONG TERM healthcare, Ultimate Kaiser Health Builder, it has already a LIFE INSURANCE tied to it.

If you wish to get a plan for yourself and family, let me know as I’m also a licensed broker authorized by IMG or the International Marketing Group who is the only official broker of the product.

Interested to be a licensed IMG Broker, apply here.

You are not just limited to Kaiser but that is what I recommend. I know you have heard already of the many life insurance packages out in the market, make sure to review it well and if you’re comfortable paying the premiums too.

It is good to know and understand the benefits we are getting before getting one.

FOURTH, Manage Debts

Manage our debts if we have an existing one like say for a housing loan. Control our credit card spending this time. As much as possible, ELIMINATE debts when we can.

Don’t forget to settle or pay any accounts payables to those we are indebted to.

Likewise, manage our receivables and send notifications to those who borrowed money from us.

Apply the abundance formula by Bro Bo Sanchez 100/10/20/70.

100% – is your salary
10% – tithes
20% – savings
70% – expenses

We could have realized now to live within our means. Practice to be thrifty.

Credit: https://wealthadvisorblog.wordpress.com/

FIFTH, Emergency Fund

We already know the value of it during the quarantine period. As much as possible, let us set an emergency fund equivalent to at least 6 months of our monthly salary or income. Well, to be a bit paranoid, maybe a year’s equivalent?


Monthly Salary/Income: Php 10,000
Emergency Fund for 6 months: Php 60,000 (Php 10,000 x 6)

SIXTH, Investment

Whatever money or cash we have left after we prepared steps 1 to 5, we can INVEST it.

Try to explore:

-stock investing in the stock market
-getting mutual funds
-getting bonds
-real estate
-other passive income

I have written articles, made videos and webinars, podcasts about the various investments you can try here in the Philippines.

Stock Market Investing, Mutual Funds, Bonds, and Insurances

If you live too long you need money to support your needs as long as you live. In order to achieve it put your money on a vehicle where it will grow annually at least 10%  per annum. This is to surpass tax and inflation. Remember this two are the silent killer of your money in your savings account. - https://wealthadvisorblog.wordpress.com/

So these are the 6 URGENT things to do after the home quarantine period.

However, there are some additional reminders:

  • ensure septic tank is not full and clean drainage or sewage system within the house vicinity.
  • trim down branches of trees as we approach the rainy season.
  • check emergency lights. We can order solar powered lights or panels in case there is electricity disruption.
  • prepare extra barrels or water tanks in case there is a water interruption.
  • check light bulbs, electrical lines, water connections and make repairs asap.
  • plant seedlings and other vegetables in our garden or simply in pots.
  • learn how to make fruit jams, jellies or preserves.
  • learn a little bread making.
  • check first aid kits and medicine boxes.
  • print out contact numbers of emergency hotlines.
  • make sure the fire extinguisher is not expired, else, get a new one.
  • have a portable butane range cooker ready in case we’ll run out of gas or chop some dry wood or charcoal for those who have a dirty kitchen to cook meals.
  • wash all the laundry
  • check the condition of our vehicles

I assume we all have ample time to assess the current situation, make plans and strategies while on home quarantine.  Hope this blog post helps.

I would greatly appreciate a feedback from your end.

Please stay at home as our BIG help to our frontliners.

We shall all get through this challenging time.

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