An Affordable Way to Celebrate New Year's Eve in Cebu!

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Cebu Blogger: Who are singles here? Or those away from their families or rather, those who prefer the non-traditional way of welcoming the New Year somewhere else aside from home? One good option to take is head to a nice hotel and partake with their special holiday offerings on food, booze and entertainment while waiting for the big bang when the clock hits 12 midnight to welcome year 2020. Yes, in our modern time right now, we can all skip that quaint traditions or better yet, start a new and improved 'tradition'.

This is the most affordable package

Here's one hotel I could recommend. I know they just opened a few years back so it's pretty much a new posh place to dine and unwind. We had our Christmas party here with my fellow Cebu Bloggers Society folks and we love the food, the drinks, the venue. It is so fitting for a festive celebration. And really affordable on the pocket. It's away from the hustling and bustling life of the Cebu metropolis. That feeling to detach a bit from your comfort zone is something we need to reboot when we come back and start anew.