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Cebu Blogger: It is better to be busy than doing nothing at all. And thanks, goodness! I finally have the luxury time to travel at least domestically in this archipelagic country. My traveling feet are getting thrilled as I don't often take short trips due to business priorities I have to deal with through the year. Anyways, when I get to have the opportunity to take a leap for a swift hop to a nearby island, I would grab it.  Now heading to the capital, Manila could be the cream of the crop for my November-holiday-iiish weekend gala. And I will be talking everything about the Blogafest!

My weekend stay at Nobu Hotel, at City of Dreams Manila is definitely worthwhile. And having to attend the Blogafest event of Blogapalooza Inc. for the second time is one thing I am happy to share with you. I've missed the second Blogapalooza in 2018 but was present during the very first gathering of bloggers and influencers in 2017 so I can't afford to ignore it this year.  I have so much to be thankful for all  and will give a run down of it below.

So what is Blogafest?

I  have written about it already so if you're a fan of shortcuts in life, here's the link of my Blogafest registry.

This gathering  or event for all Content Creators across the Philippines is something I look forward to each year being an online media person and as a blogger myself. Our tiny online community though diverse and widespread deserves this.  Reason that I have to be grateful for such rare convergence of all participants. 

Why? Because meeting other like-minded individuals from different regions who share the same passion and/or "addiction" in the blogosphere or social network gives me confidence and tenacity to still be relevant with what I started a decade ago, i.e., to share information that might be beneficial to the public or to whoever might have interest on it through my blogs, vlogs, podcasts and on what I share on my social media accounts. I am definitely having an evolution as a mere simple blogger from the province of Negros Oriental. 

Migo, Jitka and Me.

Bloga Fest is definitely a public event, open to all especially to those aspiring to become bloggers, vloggers, podcasters and influencers on their own field. What a nice way for everyone to converge and just simply share experiences, best practices, have fun or meet new friends. We need to interconnect with each other no matter how far we are situated in the different corners of the Philippines.

with Sir Mon Confiado and fellow Cebu Bloggers

With prexy Migo and Davao Blogger, Klyde

With bloggers from Iligan, CDO and Davao Digital Influencer, Glen

Is it worth joining the Bloga Fest?

I will make a list on what you can do or get if you join this Bloga Fest in the future.

1. Meet other Content Creators from all regions of the Philippines - each year, the Blogapalooza team will try its best to expand their reach especially tapping influencers, bloggers, vloggers, podcasters from the far flung areas of the country. It means you will meet a lot of people who are aspiring bloggers or existing bloggers and could literally become your friends online or even for in real life. It is all about building connections and expanding your social media presence.

2. Learn from fellow Content Creators  - an opportunity to meet celebrities or those who are influencers in their own field or industry and learn from them through a panel discussion.

3. Share your Business Cards - the event will give you an avenue to network with other Content Creators. This will give you a way to connect or let people know about you, on what you do, what you are passionate about, your causes, sharing with them your social media platforms. Basically, sending the message across the blogosphere that you exist.

4. Future Collaborations with Brands - Companies, Businesses, Commercial Brands participate in this event and will give you an opportunity to be part of their database or influencer registry for future collaborations.  There are booths where you can check their products and services or perhaps do a 2-way exchange of contact information.

5. FREEBIES - of course! A bloga fest wouldn't be complete without "freebies" and yes, all of us likes to have a loot bag full of goodies.

6. Entertainment - An event is nothing without something to watch for or look forward to whether guest performances from celebrities, singers, artists, and those who made a mark in the field of entertainment.

7. Sponsored Flights - For those coming outside Manila, you may be invited to be present during the Bloga Fest event through your blogging organization -in my case the Cebu Bloggers Society and you will definitely not worry about your plane ticket at all. Though, this privilege is extended to only a few people, I am very lucky and so pleased to be given a chance  to participate in this year's bloga fest for the second time around. We had our flight from Cebu to Clark via Cebu Pacific. Obviously we had a smooth and safe flight.

8. Hotel Accommodation - As part of the invitation to join Bloga Fest, coming from the province, we were booked at the Nobu Hotel in City of Dreams Manila. My experience is superb and will definitely recommend it to friends and family if they wish to visit Manila and let the hotel accommodate them. I have posted photos down below. Of course, as one of the perks, our stay in the hotel is also sponsored and will definitely thanks the Blogapalooza Inc. for facilitating it for us. I really appreciate it that we had a smooth and sound stay in the hotel.

9. After-Party - Not all blog events as huge as the Bloga Fest will host an "After-Party". This is the time when everyone will enjoy a booze and just chill the night away dancing and still networking with fellow Content Creators.

10. Content to Share - Well, you will probably have something to post on your social media accounts. Of course, definitely will create a vlog on youtube for vloggers, a blog post for bloggers or whatever content you want to share. A reason to create a new post. Why not? Just like what I did now! Hahaha

My gratitude goes to:

The Blogapalooza Team especially the mother brain of this social media shindig, the Blogamomma, Ace Gapuz herself who is gracious and warm dealing with our invitations and accommodation. The team is superb and my humble gratitude goes to all of you!

Of course, to my Cebu Bloggers Society organization and fellow bloggers that serve as my gateway to a number of endless opportunities in the blogging world and in social media. Definitely, beyond compare.

To Cebu Pacific for our safe flight to/from Clark and Cebu. This local airline is always a choice and I've put much salute on everyone who have assisted us for a  stress-free travel through air.

Our transportation vans that brought us to our destinations safe and sound.

Definitely, Nobu Hotel at City of Dreams Manila for the awesome accommodation during our stay during the blogafest event. Will definitely make a separate post about their amenities and my hotel experience  or refer to this Nobu Hotel post.

They have a "DEEP" sink

Towels for three people.

Hotel's Vanity Essentials for the guests.

Hot n Cold shower

And there is "bidet"

Clean sheets and well-kept beds...


Complimentary fruits

swimming pool

the breakfast is more on Continental

Is Nobu Hotel worth a visit the second time around?


So what I did during the Blogafest?

I have taken snapshots, videos on what went through during the day. At least giving you an overview or an insider report about this event. Who knows? You might be interested for the 2020 Blogafest!

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