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Cebu Blogger: Is it your first time to hear "Beach Mall" in Cebu? Particularly in the island of Mactan, Lapu-Lapu specifically within the Mactan Newtown vicinity? Certainly, it is new to my ear too. So, let's uncover what Megaworld is trying to put up. I'm sure this is something that the "Oponganons" will be proud and will make buzz about it. Of course, the mainlanders of Cebu will be eager to check it out too!

This is a 3D-plan of the Beach Mall

Who is the developer of this Beach Mall?

MEGAWORLD is the developer behind the Mactan Newtown and this year they are targeting to build a P1.5-B "Beach Mall" in it that is expected to be completed in 2021. It will be a two-level mall due to its location constraint since it will be along the beachside cliff. So this limitation has to be considered.

What are the amenities of this mall?

Mall goers will expect it built on a shoreline cliff. That sounds thrilling but will see how MEGAWORLD work its magic on it. A man-made lagoon will perhaps form an external centerpiece. There will be a boutique hotel. Do you have any idea what a boutique hotel is? A garden chapel is part of the plan. Of course, you won't call it a mall if there are no retail shops, restaurants and even cinemas in it. I think, the Beach mall can cater to four cinemas.

An al fresco provision for restaurants will be great since one would really enjoy the seaview while enjoying their food and drink and at the same time feeling the ocean breeze swiftly  passing through the vicinity. Definitely, a view deck is perfect when you want to chill and relax or perhaps, be lonely  for some "me" time.

A total gross floor area of 30,000 square meters, the Mactan Newtown Beach Walk will be highlighted by a 1.4-hectare man-made lagoon at the center.

“Megaworld Lifestyle Malls is bringing a fresh, new concept of mall development in Cebu that recreates and innovates the beach lifestyle experience. We take inspiration from some iconic coastline commercial developments in South California, where visitors can enjoy coffee, meet friends over lunch or dinner, watch a movie, or simply shop around in this laid-back beach atmosphere,” explains Kevin L. Tan, chief strategy officer, Megaworld.

The mall complex will also have its three-storey boutique hotel, offering 48 spacious guestrooms with retail shops at its ground level. This will be operated under the Megaworld Hotels brand.

I do believe that this is the first mall in Cebu, Philippines to use solar roof panels for their source of lighting energy or electricity. Talk about sustainability and taking care of the environment by avoiding to deplete our non-renewable energy. I just love the idea of their dedication to green and open spaces. It is not just comforting but it is one step closer to help Mother Earth.

It is a mall you will surely love to take a visit or spend time to with family, friends and love ones. So are you excited for this new project by MEGAWORLD? I am certainly can't wait to check it! 

“We will even have some untouched areas for bike trails, airsoft shooting, and tree-top activities. This part of the Mactan Newtown is abundantly surrounded with trees, and we want to keep them,” adds Tan.

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