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Cebu Podcast
: Let me share with you my journey on how I ended up doing a podcast from being a professional blogger for years like more than a decade (since 2005). But let me define what a Podcast is.

What's a Podcast?

Podcast is usually a digital audio content that one can listen or download on some audio platforms. It can be a series of episodes or segments. The topics would definitely vary depending on the host/podcaster.

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How do you do Podcast?

is the act of doing an audio content through a recording device like a mobile phone or a recorder. After recording the audio content or could be a video, it needs to be uploaded to a podcast hosting company. And then a podcast feed (URL) will be generated and then you can share it to your prospective audience perhaps on your social media accounts like facebook.

Right now, a number of podcast platforms are making waves hosting podcast contents. Some are familiar to you. These are Spotify and iTunes. Google is now having a podcast feature. There is Overcast. One can listen it over RadioPublic. So a number of ways for your podcast to be heard across these platforms.

My experience as a podcaster

I've started podcasting way back in 2011 and it was hosted on my old defunct personal blog for more than 10 years. Unfortunately, when I changed hosting, I wasn't really able to back up my data so I lost all my audio files and web article contents. It vanished on thin air. It was a depressing moment for me. It took me years to finally decide to get back into it. So September of 2019, I have relaunched my podcast again called Hershey Kisses (click it).

My topics vary. I tap on informative subjects that I'm accustomed with or I'm well-versed or has had experience on it. It allows me to give clear and concrete information perhaps tips, giving pieces of advice on certain topics. Of course, expect it to be a bit fun and not boring (LOL).

So far, the topics I have embraced on are Investing Tips, Financial Literacy, Travel, Business, Life Hacks, Home Improvement, Feng Shui, Promotion, Employment, Marketing, Sex, Lifestyle, Shopping and a lot more.

I would invite you to listen to my podcast, this is the link.

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