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Cebu Blogger: When did my fascination with the use of crystals started? It was in 2013 when I started to work homebased for an Australian company who is selling a product called Biomat (a sleeping mat or bed with amethyst crystals embedded inside it to promote healing and good sleep). I was their SEO writer that time. So I went to research more about crystals and it led me to get interested with them. It allowed me to widen my scope on self-studying a variety of crystals with the help of my boss that time.

 here's my collection through the years...

I began collecting different crystals for personal use. That means, I used it for protection in general. I have to protect myself from being energy-drained at work, from SMOGS and EMF or radiation that computers emit. Sometimes, to protect my well-being and psychic attack from people with ill intentions and wishes against me. Or protecting my aura so I will only exude positivity to others.

I have tried meditating with it while praying and it facilitates my wishes and prayers to our Almighty above. Think of a fast-track delivery. The crystals just amplified it. Well, that's what I felt and experience only. It depends on different people too. I also drank water that's charged with crystals for some health benefits and a lot more.

Below, I will introduce you to the crystals that I've collected through the years. I know there are hundreds of crystals or even thousands out there. But I have a few of them and will also state how you can use them in your day-to-day activities.


-it is not a stone or crystal
-healing and lucky stone
-corrects imbalance in the nervous system
-transforms negative energy to positive energy
-for those with kidney problems, bladder, spleen, gallbladder, goiter
-draws disease from the body
-clears the blood
-clearing spaces with negative energy
-clears phobias and fears


-for insomnia, good dreams and intuitions
-promotes balance and calm in time of loss or grief
-purifies negative energy/ protection
-for spiritual healing/ stone of spirituality

Black Onyx

-alleviates fear and worries
-promote self control
-gives support during difficult situations
-stone for entrepreneurs and inventors to repel negative opinions from people
-repels negative energy around you
*not a healing stone

Black Tourmaline

-protects you from SMOG, EMF and radiation that computers/gadgets emit
-protects you from psychic attack
-it is a spiritual and grounding stone
-it balances, harmonize, protects all chakras.
-aid to remove fear and aids in boosting self confidence
-good for physical vitality, boosting the immune system and detoxifying the body


Blue Lace Agate

-protection and for optimism, joy, truth
-good luck stone
-brings calm and peace
-stabilize health
-lets you express freely with your feelings
-aid in communication

Blue Sunstone

-learning and communication
-lucky stone
-good for giving energy
-repels negative energy
-for depression and anxiety
-for those with arthritis, rheumatism
-helps you gain recognition at work
-attracts success and fame
-alleviates fear of the dark for kids
-useful in telepathic ability

Brown Sunstone

-enhance leadership qualities
-anti-depressant vibrations and stress-reliever
-can assist in letting go of people in your life that no longer sense your best interests
-truth detector (making sure the other party is telling the truth)
-bring abundance and prosperity in life
-helps in things you most desire
-overcoming all types of phobia
-for good mood


-for drive, confidence and ambitions
-protects the wearer from negative emotions and calms the angry and the envious
-for fertility
-protection and abundance at home
-relieves lower back pains


-attracts prosperity and good luck
-peace to the mind and heart
-awakens compassion
-keeps a cool head
-aids in allowing an answer to appear in your conscious mind
-helps with those who have arthritis, digestive problems, and throat infections
-healing stone


-merchant’s stone or stone of success
-luck in business
-for material wealth
-ease family problems or group problems making them go along together (perfect for group meetings)
-for communication skills for public speakers
-clears negative energy at home
*wear it when you are down to lighten up the energy!


-garden of the sea
-prevents ill fortune
-protects skin diseases
-good for meditation and visualization
-for blood circulation
-used for depression
-user for deficient nutrition
-mental stability
-bonding with mother and child or used to bond relations
-protection from psychic attack
-improves marital life
-protection for policemen and defense personnel
-prevents nightmares


-overcoming addictions
-stimulates concentration and focus
-enhance memory and original thought
-balancing energy
-formation of new red blood cells
-good for those who have anemia
-prevents electromagnetic field energies


-stone of magic
-protection from negativity
-charge you with sense of excitement and adventure
-gift of serendipity and synchronicity
-for intuition
-for development of your psychic gift
-brings clarity of thought
-for those in diet and losing weight
-clarify eyes, colds, and lowers blood pressure
-purifies your aura


-protects the wearer from accidents and protects travelers
-amulet against the evil eye
-protection from nightmares
*don’t wear it if you have negative feelings, it will reflect.


-soothing and calming stone
-perfect for menopause and childbirth
-women’s stone
-heal upper digestive disorders caused by emotional problems
-stone of wishes, intuition and balance
-for fertility and gardening
-for doctors, nurses, health workers, sailors, coast guards
-protection for travelers
-drives nightmares and insomnia
*give your lover this stone on a full moon and you will have passion with each other

Moss Agate

-for gardeners
-brings the wearer good health, friends and riches
-fertility stone
-boost immune system
-anti-inflammatory, reduce swelling of lymphnodes
-lowering temperature in fever
-reduces pain in childbirth


-known as Fool's gold
-an ultimate symbol of wealth and luck
-protects you from negative energies and environment pollutants, emotional attacks and physical harm
-it inspires creativity in arts, mathematics, science, architecture, as well as other disciplines.
-it is good for those aspiring leadership and promotions at work.

Red Agate

-good for blood disorders
-brings changes or desires or need within your life
-protects your aura
-improves sexual stamina
-for airline workers
-promotes marital fidelity
-for writers to express their ideas in marketable form
*used for seeking employment

Red Aventurine

-stone of chance and luck
-perfect to use when gambling
-heal the reproductive system and balance blood pressure
-calms the nerves
-bring relief from eczema and fungal skin infections

Red Jasper

-the supreme nurturer
-grounding, power and protection stone
-for shy and timid people
-for justice and fair play
-stone for lawyers, judges, policemen, paralegal, defense personnel, soldiers
-keeps you focused on your goals rather than be diverted or lead astray
-gives you courage both physical and emotional
-for addictions and compulsive behavior
-will deter bad luck
-for sex and fertility


-can clear away wounds and scars from the past
-enables forgiveness
-for wounds and other skin complaints
-for self esteem and confidence
-relieves stress
-for those who are experiencing relationship problems
-helps you remain calm when there is panic, anger and fear
-Rescue stone

Rose Quartz

-stone of universal love
-for love, soothes the hear and heal past emotional wounds
-protection from EMF
-maintains a peaceful home or workplace
-prevents wrinkles and encourage a beautiful complexion
-reduces resentments
-for fertility
-protects you against nightmares and addictions


-help fights anxiety and fear
-stone of balance and calm
-for love and abundance
-heals headaches, detoxifies the blood, immune system
-positive dreams
-stone of the brokenhearted to be able to move on smoothly
-neutralizes the harmful effects of microwaves, computers and electronics
-it deters people from picking fights or disputing your expertise
-for blood circulation

Smoky Quartz

-for endurance
-promotes creativity
-good in the workplace for home office with people that have negative thoughts
-relieves depression
-dissolves negative energy when dealing with negative people or workplace
-protects you from electromagnetic smog or radiation
-dissolves cramps, back problems and alleviates pain

Snowflake Obsidian

-prevents negative energy affecting you
-helps in blood circulation
-grounding stone
-raises your appreciation of success as well as mistakes
-shields the wearer from negative energy and grief


-it can vitalize inner body energy
-it increases blood circulation that stimulates metabolism and rejuvenation
-it can be used to organized complex information. Can be used with IT professionals
-it is a good stone for anti-stress and is perfect to be used if working in harsh environments.
-stone is used for cancer prevention.
-protects the wearer from harmful radiation and electromagnetic smog

Tiger Eye

-bring good fortune and protection from the evil eye
-grounding stone and promotes focus
-promotes creativity
-assists in addiction
-stone of self discipline
-stimulate wealth and abundance
-heals wounds, bruises, broken bones, colon, stomach problems, night vision
-good luck stone
-stones for bankers, investors, realtors, insurers, businessmen


-stone of spiritual wisdom and journey
-protection against bullying for kids
-for prosperity and success
-protection from accidents
-good for arthritis, asthma, headaches, migraines, rheumatism, sore throats, eye problems
-enhances your communication skills
-grounding and healing stone
-absorbs negative energy

Good luck- red aventurine, blue lace agate, chrysocolla, amber, blue sunstone, tiger eye, citrine, red jasper, pyrite

Wealth and Abundance- citirne, brown sunstone, moss agate, chrysocolla, rubellite, blue sunstone, turquoise, tiger eye, citrine, pyrite

Business-Black Onyx, turquoise, tiger eye, citrine, pyrite

Protection- carnelian, malachite, snowflakes obsidian, black onyx, smoky quartz, blue lace agate, red agate, blue sunstone, coral, red jasper, labradorite, black tourmaline, terahertz, pyrite

Electromagnetic field dissolution- hematite, smoky quartz, rubellite, black tourmaline, terahertz

Safety in Traveling- turquoise, malachite, moonstone, pyrite

Love (all types)- moonstone, red agate, rubellite, Rose quartz, amethyst, coral

Fertility and Sex-carnelian, moonstone, moss agate, red agate, rose quartz, red jasper

Anti-depressant, stress reliever, calm, grounding- Brown sunstone, rhodonite, smoky quartz, Rubellite, blue sunstone, pyrite

Blood circulation and matters of blood healing-red aventurine, snowflake obsidian, labradorite, hematite, red agate, amber, rubellite, coral, terahertz

Losing weight- labradorite

Skin allergies- rhodonite, coral

Sleep, Insomnia, Nightmares- amethysts, rose quartz, coral, moonstone, malachite, chrysocolla, blue lace agate

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