Can we commute in Cebu with ANGKAS app?

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Cebu Blogger: Majority of us here in Cebu are daily commuters to our jobs and offices. However, the worsening traffic situation in our Visayan metropolis could be daunting and frustrating often times. It does affect our work-life careers when we get tardy or late on meetings. It just draw a lot of negative energies to the very core. But, but, but... we have a solution to help us be on time at work or scheduled business appointment. In terms of commuting, we can install ANGKAS app on our mobile phones!

So what is ANGKAS?

ANGKAS is a mobile-app based motorcycle taxi service that you need to install on a smartphone, get signed up and voila, can be used to book a motorcycle driver to pick you up on your location to your point of destination. Very easy and convenient.

Why book with ANGKAS?

It is the easiest and fastest way to bring you to your destination, beating the traffic! Because of the obvious reason that a motorcycle is a slim vehicle that can swiftly pass through narrow roads or short cuts. Of course, ANGKAS drivers are required to attend seminars on traffic rules, signs and etiquette while driving.

“Angkas is an innovative and timely traffic solution that Cebuanos need and we are happy to offer this service to help commuters reach their destinations in a fast, convenient, and affordable way,” said Angeline Tham, Angkas Founder and CEO.

Is safety a concern for both the driver and passenger? 

Definitely, the ANGKAS company has been working on necessary measures ensuring that their drivers are well educated and self-aware of the proper maneuvering on the road with respect to other drivers and traffic rules ensuring safety of the passengers. Additionally, as a standard procedure, Angkas will provide hair caps and masks to passengers for hygienic purposes. Well, the helmet is a must. If none is provided, passengers can report the driver to ANGKAS' 24 hr customer service line.

What will happen in unfortunate events like road accidents involving the ANGKAS driver and commuter?

Accident insurance and medical assistance will be provided up to Php 450,000 to both passenger and driver. Just to stress out, this is on a reimbursement type. So technically, both will need to shoulder the medical expenses first and get reimbursement after. Of course, the incident has to be reported to their 24 hr customer care hotline and necessary documents might be presented when claiming for reimbursements.

Would I recommend, ANGKAS?

If you know you will be late on your appointments and could probably be caught in traffic,YES! ANGKAS is the key!

Will they cater to delivery of goods and packages?

Yes! I've tried it when I booked them to deliver my bouquets from my Cebu flower shop.

Can you give feedback or ratings to ANGKAS driver?

Yes. All you want.

Is ANGKAS Affordable?

YES. The app will show you the exact fare rate before you will agree to book it. So, if you're good with it, then, what are you waiting?

You can be assured that there is no over charging.

Interested to be an ANGKAS Biker?

Feel free to ask questions here.

Recent activities with ANGKAS

In line with their effort to ensure the safety of the biker-partners and their passengers, Angkas held the very first “Angkas Safety Fiesta” in Cebu last Sunday at the Plaza Independencia, Cebu City. The 12-hour event, which started at 10 a.m., featured a safety seminar and skills training session for their biker-partners, a dental mission, free haircut and massage for the participants, and a Gymkhana tournament.

The Angkas Safety Fiesta also served as an onboarding activity for new Angkas biker-partners, with the objective of being able to service more Cebuano commuters at a time.

As an added treat for the bikers and their families, a musical concert was held featuring popular artists such as Andrew E. and Cueshe as well as upcoming acts like the D7G Girls, Jay R Siaboc, Crazy Duo Jr., and the Maka Girls. The show, which was hosted by DJ Chixie and DJ Ringo, was open to the public.

“Our over 5,000 Angkas biker-partners in Metro Cebu are more than prepared to take on the task of ferrying commuters to where they need to go,” Olan declared. “And this is just the beginning,” he added, stressing that while traffic continues to plague Metro Cebu, Angkas will continue to help Cebuanos by not only providing an efficient transport option, but also providing a decent means of livelihood for motorcycle owners.

For more information:
+63 921 934 3410
+63 917 447 7816

Below is my story line when I'm using the ANGKAS app.

Searching for my ANGKAS app

Thinking about my destination...

Communicating with my ANGKAS driver to make sure he knows my pick up point.

Ooops, there goes my ANGKAS driver...

arrived on time here at ANGKAS presscon!

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