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Cebu Blogger: Love chocolates? #TheMetroStores Supermarket features local chocolate brands that are the best in the Philippines!
These brands are  Malagos Farm House from Davao, Dalareich Chocolate House from Bohol, Guilang Tableya from Argao, Tablea de Mandaue, Davao de Cacao, Family's Choice Cocoa,
Nutrarich Philippines for Davao Fine Tablea.

And yes, these brands boast pure cacao chocolate (coco butter intact) which is the highest quality kind that consumers could really enjoy.
Definitely, let's support local!
Lami jud bitaw ang PURE and ORIGINAL pinoy tablea.

I learned the difference between chocolate candies (with sugar and milk) that are sold in supermarkets that have been popular to kids and pure cocoa (with coco butter) the Philippines is proud to have which is the real pure cacao chocolate.

The terrior just like coffee and other single origin products is essential in the taste determinant as well as quality of the cacao beans. It is the specific region or soil location there the cacao is planted and may affect the taste or flavor of the chocolates or tablea. 

The Philippines is just lucky to have a climate very suitable to grow it just like those equatorial countries like Mexico or Indonesia or Ghana.

For the taste, Davao may have a "fruity" flavor of their chocolates because of the presence of fruit-bearing trees that grows in the same region of the cacao plant. Bohol will have a more "earthy" ones because they are rich in limestones as well. For those cacao in Batangas,it could be more "nutty" because of the pili nuts that also grow in the area. However, Argao's tablea has a "smokey" flavor because of their primitive ways of roasting cacao using a certain type of dry wood that affects the cacao beans.

Now, we learned something of our chocolate history here in the Philippines in terms of "distinct taste".
We should be proud and more appreciative of the tsokolate our ancestors used to love. Let's drink hot tablea every morning! It's healthy. It has nothing to do with the increase in high blood pressure that is a misconception of a lot of Pinoys. Erase that!


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