What's A BEACH mall?

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Cebu Blogger: Is it your first time to hear "Beach Mall" in Cebu? Particularly in the island of Mactan, Lapu-Lapu specifically within the Mactan Newtown vicinity? Certainly, it is new to my ear too. So, let's uncover what Megaworld is trying to put up. I'm sure this is something that the "Oponganons" will be proud and will make buzz about it. Of course, the mainlanders of Cebu will be eager to check it out too!

This is a 3D-plan of the Beach Mall

Who is the developer of this Beach Mall?

MEGAWORLD is the developer behind the Mactan Newtown and this year they are targeting to build a P1.5-B "Beach Mall" in it that is expected to be completed in 2021. It will be a two-level mall due to its location constraint since it will be along the beachside cliff. So this limitation has to be considered.

What are the amenities of this mall?

Mall goers will expect it built on a shoreline cliff. That sounds thrilling but will see how MEGAWORLD work its magic on it. A man-made lagoon will perhaps form an external centerpiece. There will be a boutique hotel. Do you have any idea what a boutique hotel is? A garden chapel is part of the plan. Of course, you won't call it a mall if there are no retail shops, restaurants and even cinemas in it. I think, the Beach mall can cater to four cinemas.

An al fresco provision for restaurants will be great since one would really enjoy the seaview while enjoying their food and drink and at the same time feeling the ocean breeze swiftly  passing through the vicinity. Definitely, a view deck is perfect when you want to chill and relax or perhaps, be lonely  for some "me" time.

A total gross floor area of 30,000 square meters, the Mactan Newtown Beach Walk will be highlighted by a 1.4-hectare man-made lagoon at the center.

“Megaworld Lifestyle Malls is bringing a fresh, new concept of mall development in Cebu that recreates and innovates the beach lifestyle experience. We take inspiration from some iconic coastline commercial developments in South California, where visitors can enjoy coffee, meet friends over lunch or dinner, watch a movie, or simply shop around in this laid-back beach atmosphere,” explains Kevin L. Tan, chief strategy officer, Megaworld.

The mall complex will also have its three-storey boutique hotel, offering 48 spacious guestrooms with retail shops at its ground level. This will be operated under the Megaworld Hotels brand.

I do believe that this is the first mall in Cebu, Philippines to use solar roof panels for their source of lighting energy or electricity. Talk about sustainability and taking care of the environment by avoiding to deplete our non-renewable energy. I just love the idea of their dedication to green and open spaces. It is not just comforting but it is one step closer to help Mother Earth.

It is a mall you will surely love to take a visit or spend time to with family, friends and love ones. So are you excited for this new project by MEGAWORLD? I am certainly can't wait to check it! 

“We will even have some untouched areas for bike trails, airsoft shooting, and tree-top activities. This part of the Mactan Newtown is abundantly surrounded with trees, and we want to keep them,” adds Tan.

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Starting My Cebu Podcast

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Cebu Podcast
: Let me share with you my journey on how I ended up doing a podcast from being a professional blogger for years like more than a decade (since 2005). But let me define what a Podcast is.

What's a Podcast?

Podcast is usually a digital audio content that one can listen or download on some audio platforms. It can be a series of episodes or segments. The topics would definitely vary depending on the host/podcaster.

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How do you do Podcast?

is the act of doing an audio content through a recording device like a mobile phone or a recorder. After recording the audio content or could be a video, it needs to be uploaded to a podcast hosting company. And then a podcast feed (URL) will be generated and then you can share it to your prospective audience perhaps on your social media accounts like facebook.

Right now, a number of podcast platforms are making waves hosting podcast contents. Some are familiar to you. These are Spotify and iTunes. Google is now having a podcast feature. There is Overcast. One can listen it over RadioPublic. So a number of ways for your podcast to be heard across these platforms.

My experience as a podcaster

I've started podcasting way back in 2011 and it was hosted on my old defunct personal blog for more than 10 years. Unfortunately, when I changed hosting, I wasn't really able to back up my data so I lost all my audio files and web article contents. It vanished on thin air. It was a depressing moment for me. It took me years to finally decide to get back into it. So September of 2019, I have relaunched my podcast again called Hershey Kisses (click it).

My topics vary. I tap on informative subjects that I'm accustomed with or I'm well-versed or has had experience on it. It allows me to give clear and concrete information perhaps tips, giving pieces of advice on certain topics. Of course, expect it to be a bit fun and not boring (LOL).

So far, the topics I have embraced on are Investing Tips, Financial Literacy, Travel, Business, Life Hacks, Home Improvement, Feng Shui, Promotion, Employment, Marketing, Sex, Lifestyle, Shopping and a lot more.

I would invite you to listen to my podcast, this is the link.

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Do You Need the Linksys MR8300 at home?

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Cebu Blogger: The internet has already become a necessity in our modern world and each household would really wanted to be fully-equipped when it comes to wifi connectivity for the entire family to use. How much more if there are "online gamers" in the pack? The house definitely needs to be wifi-capable at each nook of it.

So do we need a high quality router to boost our connectivity that will last us a lifetime in the gaming world? The answer is definitely a YES! Why not, right?

At this point of time, faster speed and ease in getting connected while enjoying our favorite games online should be on top of our Tech checklist.

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Now, I have something that can boost our mobile gaming and home entertainment satisfaction with Linksys' new MR8300 Tri-band Mesh Gaming router.

The MR8300 is a high-performance router that delivers up to 2.2 Gbps of superior speed and is ideal for homes that require massive bandwidth for 4k entertainment and peak mobile gaming. The router is powered by a 716 MHz quad-core processor that improves overall network performance for faster wired, wireless, and WAN to LAN speeds.

Let's check the speedtest while connected to the MR8300 router using Hive Co-working cafe's wifi service.


How much is the Linksys MR8300?

The recommended retail price is Php 10,995.


It can be purchased at the ff:

Complink, Datablitz, Microvalley, Octagon Computer Superstores, PC Worx, Silicon Valley, Villman Computers, and Thinking Tools.

Any promo?

It interested, here's one thing that will keep you thinking about it.

There will be an exclusive launch promotion [Get a Belkin Premium Items + Linksys Card up to Php 8,700 Worth of Freebies from 17 September 2019 to 15 October 2019 or while stocks last].

Who will need it?

This is a product that will best suit for personal (mobile gamers) or home entertainment consumers (medium-sized to large-sized family users) and not of a medium or large scale enterprises. It means, the same quality and functionality but easy to install and much affordable available for the regular customers.


Any benchmark test done?

It has been tested by a third party company, Tolly. Result shows that the MR8300 performed at least 71% better than competition routers in a real-world congested environment consisting of six gaming cell phone clients and another 21 active (and idle) devices that were connected to the test routers. MR8300 achieved an average ping-time of 7.3ms against other competitor routers while heavily loaded with mobile gaming clients and background application traffic. For entertainment, MU-MIMO and Beamforming technology also work to ensure that high-performing devices – like smart TVs, laptops and phones – can connect to the Internet through faster and dedicated WiFi channels.

“Asia Pacific accounts for an impressive 47% share of the global mobile gaming market and is set to generate over $72.2 billion by the end of 2019. With this number only set to grow yearly, Linksys is poised to deliver networking solutions that match consumer demands.” said Jason Villados, Linksys Philippines Country Manager. “The MR8300 is a hybrid router that combines high-performance features from our Max-Stream series with the Intelligent Mesh of the award-winning Linksys Velop Mesh WiFi System that has been well-received globally.”


Let's get a bit technical here

Enjoying seamless roaming while mobile gaming over Linksys Intelligent Mesh™ Technology

The Linksys MR8300 router is built with Linksys Intelligent Mesh™ Technology, and users have the flexibility to grow the WiFi coverage in their homes by adding Velop™ nodes to the system.

•    Self-Organise – The MR8300 and Velop™ nodes work together to cover any floor plan and WiFi footprint

•    Self-Optimise – WiFi bands and channels adjust based on your WiFi habits

•    Self-Healing – If a node loses power or connection to the system, the remaining nodes re-establish connections to each other and the internet

•    One Network – Supports one network name and password, one admin login, one interface for management and monitoring, and one guest network for the whole home

•    Seamless Roaming for whole home gaming – When you add one or more Velop™ nodes to the MR8300, they will communicate with each other to form a single, unified wireless network.

The MR8300 AC2200 Router features a robust set of advanced offerings:

Technical Specification    Details

Tri-Band AC2200  

•    Four external fixed antennas with high-power amplifiers
•    WiFi AC2200 867 Gbps (2 – 5 GHz) + 400 Mbps (2.4 GHz)* with MU-MIMO
•    5 GHz radio - 867 Mbps*
•    2.4 GHz radio - 400 Mbps*

Processor & Memory  

•    716 MHz Quad Core
•    256 MB Flash and 512 MB SD RAM

WAN and LAN Connectivity

•    5 Gigabit Ethernet Ports:
o    1x WAN
o    4x LAN

Security WPA2/WPA-Mixed, WPA2-Personal
Wtfast Integration (Premium 6-month access)  

•    6 months FREE wtfast membership
•    wtfast eliminates lag by optimizing your game traffic through the world’s largest private gaming network
•    Receive FREE unlimited access to the PC Game Launchpad which supports over 1000 online games

Linksys Shield

•    Linksys Shield is a premium subscription software service for users to block unwanted content / categories and provide an additional layer of digital protection for your connected devices and family
o    Users have the ability to set detailed policies to ensure that their loved ones and children are safe in the digital world

My personal observation in terms of its aesthetics and design:


The MR8300 looks like a drone from afar with 4 antennas built-in.

It has tiny square holes or like a mesh on its overall design for air circulation. So be extra careful with liquid spillage!!!


The Velop mesh wifi is a series of nodes to ensure wifi signal coverage all throughout the closed space like a home.

It's sleek in design. It pretty much looked like a speaker from a far.

The mesh design will as well allow air flow circulation. And again, avoid liquid spillage to it.

Snapshot during the Linksys MR8300 launching event here in Cebu:

Mr. Jason Villados- Linksys Country Manager in the Philippines

Mr. Kristian Anquillano
Linksys Techchi

Congrats to Keds (@pinkflushedcheeks on IG) for winning the MR8300 router

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Can we commute in Cebu with ANGKAS app?

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Cebu Blogger: Majority of us here in Cebu are daily commuters to our jobs and offices. However, the worsening traffic situation in our Visayan metropolis could be daunting and frustrating often times. It does affect our work-life careers when we get tardy or late on meetings. It just draw a lot of negative energies to the very core. But, but, but... we have a solution to help us be on time at work or scheduled business appointment. In terms of commuting, we can install ANGKAS app on our mobile phones!

So what is ANGKAS?

ANGKAS is a mobile-app based motorcycle taxi service that you need to install on a smartphone, get signed up and voila, can be used to book a motorcycle driver to pick you up on your location to your point of destination. Very easy and convenient.

Why book with ANGKAS?

It is the easiest and fastest way to bring you to your destination, beating the traffic! Because of the obvious reason that a motorcycle is a slim vehicle that can swiftly pass through narrow roads or short cuts. Of course, ANGKAS drivers are required to attend seminars on traffic rules, signs and etiquette while driving.

“Angkas is an innovative and timely traffic solution that Cebuanos need and we are happy to offer this service to help commuters reach their destinations in a fast, convenient, and affordable way,” said Angeline Tham, Angkas Founder and CEO.

Is safety a concern for both the driver and passenger? 

Definitely, the ANGKAS company has been working on necessary measures ensuring that their drivers are well educated and self-aware of the proper maneuvering on the road with respect to other drivers and traffic rules ensuring safety of the passengers. Additionally, as a standard procedure, Angkas will provide hair caps and masks to passengers for hygienic purposes. Well, the helmet is a must. If none is provided, passengers can report the driver to ANGKAS' 24 hr customer service line.

What will happen in unfortunate events like road accidents involving the ANGKAS driver and commuter?

Accident insurance and medical assistance will be provided up to Php 450,000 to both passenger and driver. Just to stress out, this is on a reimbursement type. So technically, both will need to shoulder the medical expenses first and get reimbursement after. Of course, the incident has to be reported to their 24 hr customer care hotline and necessary documents might be presented when claiming for reimbursements.

Would I recommend, ANGKAS?

If you know you will be late on your appointments and could probably be caught in traffic,YES! ANGKAS is the key!

Will they cater to delivery of goods and packages?

Yes! I've tried it when I booked them to deliver my bouquets from my Cebu flower shop.

Can you give feedback or ratings to ANGKAS driver?

Yes. All you want.

Is ANGKAS Affordable?

YES. The app will show you the exact fare rate before you will agree to book it. So, if you're good with it, then, what are you waiting?

You can be assured that there is no over charging.

Interested to be an ANGKAS Biker?

Feel free to ask questions here.

Recent activities with ANGKAS

In line with their effort to ensure the safety of the biker-partners and their passengers, Angkas held the very first “Angkas Safety Fiesta” in Cebu last Sunday at the Plaza Independencia, Cebu City. The 12-hour event, which started at 10 a.m., featured a safety seminar and skills training session for their biker-partners, a dental mission, free haircut and massage for the participants, and a Gymkhana tournament.

The Angkas Safety Fiesta also served as an onboarding activity for new Angkas biker-partners, with the objective of being able to service more Cebuano commuters at a time.

As an added treat for the bikers and their families, a musical concert was held featuring popular artists such as Andrew E. and Cueshe as well as upcoming acts like the D7G Girls, Jay R Siaboc, Crazy Duo Jr., and the Maka Girls. The show, which was hosted by DJ Chixie and DJ Ringo, was open to the public.

“Our over 5,000 Angkas biker-partners in Metro Cebu are more than prepared to take on the task of ferrying commuters to where they need to go,” Olan declared. “And this is just the beginning,” he added, stressing that while traffic continues to plague Metro Cebu, Angkas will continue to help Cebuanos by not only providing an efficient transport option, but also providing a decent means of livelihood for motorcycle owners.

For more information:

+63 921 934 3410
+63 917 447 7816
Email biker.support@angkas.com

Below is my story line when I'm using the ANGKAS app.

Searching for my ANGKAS app

Thinking about my destination...

Communicating with my ANGKAS driver to make sure he knows my pick up point.

Ooops, there goes my ANGKAS driver...

arrived on time here at ANGKAS presscon!

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Do Crystals work?

Theme:Crystal Collection

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Cebu Blogger: When did my fascination with the use of crystals started? It was in 2013 when I started to work homebased for an Australian company who is selling a product called Biomat (a sleeping mat or bed with amethyst crystals embedded inside it to promote healing and good sleep). I was their SEO writer that time. So I went to research more about crystals and it led me to get interested with them. It allowed me to widen my scope on self-studying a variety of crystals with the help of my boss that time.

 here's my collection through the years...

I began collecting different crystals for personal use. That means, I used it for protection in general. I have to protect myself from being energy-drained at work, from SMOGS and EMF or radiation that computers emit. Sometimes, to protect my well-being and psychic attack from people with ill intentions and wishes against me. Or protecting my aura so I will only exude positivity to others.

I have tried meditating with it while praying and it facilitates my wishes and prayers to our Almighty above. Think of a fast-track delivery. The crystals just amplified it. Well, that's what I felt and experience only. It depends on different people too. I also drank water that's charged with crystals for some health benefits and a lot more.

Below, I will introduce you to the crystals that I've collected through the years. I know there are hundreds of crystals or even thousands out there. But I have a few of them and will also state how you can use them in your day-to-day activities.


-it is not a stone or crystal
-healing and lucky stone
-corrects imbalance in the nervous system
-transforms negative energy to positive energy
-for those with kidney problems, bladder, spleen, gallbladder, goiter
-draws disease from the body
-clears the blood
-clearing spaces with negative energy
-clears phobias and fears


-for insomnia, good dreams and intuitions
-promotes balance and calm in time of loss or grief
-purifies negative energy/ protection
-for spiritual healing/ stone of spirituality

Black Onyx

-alleviates fear and worries
-promote self control
-gives support during difficult situations
-stone for entrepreneurs and inventors to repel negative opinions from people
-repels negative energy around you
*not a healing stone

Black Tourmaline

-protects you from SMOG, EMF and radiation that computers/gadgets emit
-protects you from psychic attack
-it is a spiritual and grounding stone
-it balances, harmonize, protects all chakras.
-aid to remove fear and aids in boosting self confidence
-good for physical vitality, boosting the immune system and detoxifying the body


Blue Lace Agate

-protection and for optimism, joy, truth
-good luck stone
-brings calm and peace
-stabilize health
-lets you express freely with your feelings
-aid in communication

Blue Sunstone

-learning and communication
-lucky stone
-good for giving energy
-repels negative energy
-for depression and anxiety
-for those with arthritis, rheumatism
-helps you gain recognition at work
-attracts success and fame
-alleviates fear of the dark for kids
-useful in telepathic ability

Brown Sunstone

-enhance leadership qualities
-anti-depressant vibrations and stress-reliever
-can assist in letting go of people in your life that no longer sense your best interests
-truth detector (making sure the other party is telling the truth)
-bring abundance and prosperity in life
-helps in things you most desire
-overcoming all types of phobia
-for good mood


-for drive, confidence and ambitions
-protects the wearer from negative emotions and calms the angry and the envious
-for fertility
-protection and abundance at home
-relieves lower back pains


-attracts prosperity and good luck
-peace to the mind and heart
-awakens compassion
-keeps a cool head
-aids in allowing an answer to appear in your conscious mind
-helps with those who have arthritis, digestive problems, and throat infections
-healing stone


-merchant’s stone or stone of success
-luck in business
-for material wealth
-ease family problems or group problems making them go along together (perfect for group meetings)
-for communication skills for public speakers
-clears negative energy at home
*wear it when you are down to lighten up the energy!


-garden of the sea
-prevents ill fortune
-protects skin diseases
-good for meditation and visualization
-for blood circulation
-used for depression
-user for deficient nutrition
-mental stability
-bonding with mother and child or used to bond relations
-protection from psychic attack
-improves marital life
-protection for policemen and defense personnel
-prevents nightmares


-overcoming addictions
-stimulates concentration and focus
-enhance memory and original thought
-balancing energy
-formation of new red blood cells
-good for those who have anemia
-prevents electromagnetic field energies


-stone of magic
-protection from negativity
-charge you with sense of excitement and adventure
-gift of serendipity and synchronicity
-for intuition
-for development of your psychic gift
-brings clarity of thought
-for those in diet and losing weight
-clarify eyes, colds, and lowers blood pressure
-purifies your aura


-protects the wearer from accidents and protects travelers
-amulet against the evil eye
-protection from nightmares
*don’t wear it if you have negative feelings, it will reflect.


-soothing and calming stone
-perfect for menopause and childbirth
-women’s stone
-heal upper digestive disorders caused by emotional problems
-stone of wishes, intuition and balance
-for fertility and gardening
-for doctors, nurses, health workers, sailors, coast guards
-protection for travelers
-drives nightmares and insomnia
*give your lover this stone on a full moon and you will have passion with each other

Moss Agate

-for gardeners
-brings the wearer good health, friends and riches
-fertility stone
-boost immune system
-anti-inflammatory, reduce swelling of lymphnodes
-lowering temperature in fever
-reduces pain in childbirth


-known as Fool's gold
-an ultimate symbol of wealth and luck
-protects you from negative energies and environment pollutants, emotional attacks and physical harm
-it inspires creativity in arts, mathematics, science, architecture, as well as other disciplines.
-it is good for those aspiring leadership and promotions at work.

Red Agate

-good for blood disorders
-brings changes or desires or need within your life
-protects your aura
-improves sexual stamina
-for airline workers
-promotes marital fidelity
-for writers to express their ideas in marketable form
*used for seeking employment

Red Aventurine

-stone of chance and luck
-perfect to use when gambling
-heal the reproductive system and balance blood pressure
-calms the nerves
-bring relief from eczema and fungal skin infections

Red Jasper

-the supreme nurturer
-grounding, power and protection stone
-for shy and timid people
-for justice and fair play
-stone for lawyers, judges, policemen, paralegal, defense personnel, soldiers
-keeps you focused on your goals rather than be diverted or lead astray
-gives you courage both physical and emotional
-for addictions and compulsive behavior
-will deter bad luck
-for sex and fertility


-can clear away wounds and scars from the past
-enables forgiveness
-for wounds and other skin complaints
-for self esteem and confidence
-relieves stress
-for those who are experiencing relationship problems
-helps you remain calm when there is panic, anger and fear
-Rescue stone

Rose Quartz

-stone of universal love
-for love, soothes the hear and heal past emotional wounds
-protection from EMF
-maintains a peaceful home or workplace
-prevents wrinkles and encourage a beautiful complexion
-reduces resentments
-for fertility
-protects you against nightmares and addictions


-help fights anxiety and fear
-stone of balance and calm
-for love and abundance
-heals headaches, detoxifies the blood, immune system
-positive dreams
-stone of the brokenhearted to be able to move on smoothly
-neutralizes the harmful effects of microwaves, computers and electronics
-it deters people from picking fights or disputing your expertise
-for blood circulation

Smoky Quartz

-for endurance
-promotes creativity
-good in the workplace for home office with people that have negative thoughts
-relieves depression
-dissolves negative energy when dealing with negative people or workplace
-protects you from electromagnetic smog or radiation
-dissolves cramps, back problems and alleviates pain

Snowflake Obsidian

-prevents negative energy affecting you
-helps in blood circulation
-grounding stone
-raises your appreciation of success as well as mistakes
-shields the wearer from negative energy and grief


-it can vitalize inner body energy
-it increases blood circulation that stimulates metabolism and rejuvenation
-it can be used to organized complex information. Can be used with IT professionals
-it is a good stone for anti-stress and is perfect to be used if working in harsh environments.
-stone is used for cancer prevention.
-protects the wearer from harmful radiation and electromagnetic smog

Tiger Eye

-bring good fortune and protection from the evil eye
-grounding stone and promotes focus
-promotes creativity
-assists in addiction
-stone of self discipline
-stimulate wealth and abundance
-heals wounds, bruises, broken bones, colon, stomach problems, night vision
-good luck stone
-stones for bankers, investors, realtors, insurers, businessmen


-stone of spiritual wisdom and journey
-protection against bullying for kids
-for prosperity and success
-protection from accidents
-good for arthritis, asthma, headaches, migraines, rheumatism, sore throats, eye problems
-enhances your communication skills
-grounding and healing stone
-absorbs negative energy

Good luck- red aventurine, blue lace agate, chrysocolla, amber, blue sunstone, tiger eye, citrine, red jasper, pyrite

Wealth and Abundance- citirne, brown sunstone, moss agate, chrysocolla, rubellite, blue sunstone, turquoise, tiger eye, citrine, pyrite

Business-Black Onyx, turquoise, tiger eye, citrine, pyrite

Protection- carnelian, malachite, snowflakes obsidian, black onyx, smoky quartz, blue lace agate, red agate, blue sunstone, coral, red jasper, labradorite, black tourmaline, terahertz, pyrite

Electromagnetic field dissolution- hematite, smoky quartz, rubellite, black tourmaline, terahertz

Safety in Traveling- turquoise, malachite, moonstone, pyrite

Love (all types)- moonstone, red agate, rubellite, Rose quartz, amethyst, coral

Fertility and Sex-carnelian, moonstone, moss agate, red agate, rose quartz, red jasper

Anti-depressant, stress reliever, calm, grounding- Brown sunstone, rhodonite, smoky quartz, Rubellite, blue sunstone, pyrite

Blood circulation and matters of blood healing-red aventurine, snowflake obsidian, labradorite, hematite, red agate, amber, rubellite, coral, terahertz

Losing weight- labradorite

Skin allergies- rhodonite, coral

Sleep, Insomnia, Nightmares- amethysts, rose quartz, coral, moonstone, malachite, chrysocolla, blue lace agate

Want to buy crystals online?

Visit my shop here: http://www.flowerscafecebu.com/product-category/crystals/

Or check updates on our FACEBOOK PAGE: https://www.facebook.com/CebuCrystalsandCharms/

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All About Tablea (Philippine Chocolate)

Theme: Pinoy Chocolate Brands

: #tablea #cocobutter #terroir

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Cebu Blogger: Love chocolates? #TheMetroStores Supermarket features local chocolate brands that are the best in the Philippines!
These brands are  Malagos Farm House from Davao, Dalareich Chocolate House from Bohol, Guilang Tableya from Argao, Tablea de Mandaue, Davao de Cacao, Family's Choice Cocoa,
Nutrarich Philippines for Davao Fine Tablea.

And yes, these brands boast pure cacao chocolate (coco butter intact) which is the highest quality kind that consumers could really enjoy.
Definitely, let's support local!
Lami jud bitaw ang PURE and ORIGINAL pinoy tablea.

I learned the difference between chocolate candies (with sugar and milk) that are sold in supermarkets that have been popular to kids and pure cocoa (with coco butter) the Philippines is proud to have which is the real pure cacao chocolate.

The terrior just like coffee and other single origin products is essential in the taste determinant as well as quality of the cacao beans. It is the specific region or soil location there the cacao is planted and may affect the taste or flavor of the chocolates or tablea. 

The Philippines is just lucky to have a climate very suitable to grow it just like those equatorial countries like Mexico or Indonesia or Ghana.

For the taste, Davao may have a "fruity" flavor of their chocolates because of the presence of fruit-bearing trees that grows in the same region of the cacao plant. Bohol will have a more "earthy" ones because they are rich in limestones as well. For those cacao in Batangas,it could be more "nutty" because of the pili nuts that also grow in the area. However, Argao's tablea has a "smokey" flavor because of their primitive ways of roasting cacao using a certain type of dry wood that affects the cacao beans.

Now, we learned something of our chocolate history here in the Philippines in terms of "distinct taste".
We should be proud and more appreciative of the tsokolate our ancestors used to love. Let's drink hot tablea every morning! It's healthy. It has nothing to do with the increase in high blood pressure that is a misconception of a lot of Pinoys. Erase that!


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