How to Choose the Right Career or Business based on your Bazi Chart?

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Cebu Blogger: Did you know that you can determine the best industry for a career or business through the information given on your Bazi Chart? This could also mean that you will be able to maximize your income opportunities or wealth capacity by being just in the right industry. Or be more productive and in return amass your assets. BTW, we refer wealth here as ownership and not necessarily money or income salary. Wealth is something you own like properties, the house, the business, the car, the jewelry, land, investments and anything that has future cash value.

What to do?

First you have to plot your Bazi Chart here. (it is FREE)

What is Bazi?

Bazi is a tool or system in Chinese metaphysics that is back up with science and thousands of years of experience in Astrology that will unlock your destiny or the Heaven’s Luck (33.33%) factor of the Human Success or Failure.  It is based on the person’s date and time of birth.

Since your destiny or Heaven’s luck is something that you are born with and can’t be changed or you will have no control with, the question would be, how do you know it? Well, the answer is using Bazi which is used to DECODE your destiny or what Heaven has bestowed on you.

Scared knowing your destiny?

There is nothing to fear or be scared to know what you are destined because you can definitely CHANGE your destiny. Because the other two factors of Human Success and Failure are Earth’s Luck which is Feng Shui (external energy mapping) which is 33.33% and Man’s Luck which is your hard work, efforts, decisions, action and inaction on situations which is also 33.33%. So doing the math you can control around 66.66% of your destiny. But to know the Heaven’s Luck factor is something very important to be really in full control on how you want your life to be.

Because, Knowledge is Power. And once you know the secrets of the heavens, you will be guided, you will know how to manage situations and act things with clear and informed decisions. Of course, it gives you that confidence to know that results or outcomes will be favorable to you just because you are aware and have the information.


This article is perfect for those students in Senior High School who is still trying to figure out what is the best course to take in college that will eventually land them a good job or career after they graduate.

This is also for those in the mid-life path who is at the moment still has a lot of questions if they are really on the right industry in their career or business. Perhaps, thinking to shift to another job? It is not yet too late, you can make a bold change. Just make sure to know first the best industry for you.

The Five Elements

When you plot your Bazi chart, you will know that there are 5 Elements that will appear in your birth chart. These are WATER, WOOD, FIRE, EARTH, and METAL. One or some of these elements might be missing on your chart but there is nothing to worry. That will be another topic to be discussed. Let’s focus on suitable industries for a career or business at the moment.

How to know the best industry?

Once you have your Bazi chart generated. Refer to the MONTH Pillar. At the most bottom part, there are "elements" in the HIDDEN stems.  The  Month Pillar is the point of reference for career to know what is the best industry specific to you. It may contain one or two or three elements that could be labeled in any of the Five elements.

*In this natal chart above: Metal is the most dominant or will give maximum opportunities as it's in the top but he or she can be in Earth or Water industries.

Elements and the industries associated with it:

1.    Fire

•    Petrol, fuel
•    Restaurant, food & beverage
•    Airlines
•    Technology
•    Engine, electronics, electric
•    Computers
•    Fire Arms, military, artillery
•    Laser,fire, heat related fields
•    Promotion, services

2. Wood

•    Fashion & clothing
•    Furniture
•    Plantation, vegetation, floristry, lumber business
•    Education, teaching, coaching, designing
•    Religious preaching
•    Health, Pharmacy, Doctor, Nurse, Medical field

3.  Metal

•     Jewellery, goldsmith
•    Automobile & Vehicle
•    Finance & Banking
•    Metal, aluminum, iron
•    Engineering
•    Mechanical nature field

4. Water

•     Aquatic, Fishery
•     Sailing, shipping
•    Tourism
•    Trading & transport
•    Journalism
•    Water related field-strategists, thinkers
•    Flowing, moving industry like courier service

5. Earth

•    Property, real estate
•    Natural resources
•    Insurance, Trust Fund agent
•    Building Materials but not steel

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If you have elements indicated at the Hidden stems, the one on top is the most dominant where it could give you the maximum opportunities or returns on wealth. But the other elements could be favorable industries for you to venture in.

Hope with this information, you are now guided on what course to take in college. Or in mid-life crisis of your career, you might work well in another industry.

In the next article, I will be discussing whether you are fit to run a business, be an entrepreneur or just work for someone as an employee. The heavens might assign you some roles in this world to perform and once you know you are in the right career path or job, then, it means you are aligned to what destiny has set for you (33.33%). The info will also save you time, effort, money, energy of being in the wrong industry, work or job role at the wrong time as well.

I hope you could share this article to your family, friends, peers, colleagues or to your social network. Spread awareness. People experiencing crossroads right now might exactly just need this information.

If you want me to help you out with your Bazi chart details, I can read and interpret it for you for a minimal FEE. But just the basic reading  or a recommended report or something you can start with. It is the tool I subscribed to or practiced for years. I also work closely with a Bazi reading expert who has professional  knowledge on how to decode it.

However, I don’t claim to be a professional as I'm just a fan of the tool but I can refer you to a Cebu Feng Shui Master and Bazi Consultant, of course for a much higher FEE. :)

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