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Cebu Feng Shui: Are you looking for a Feng Shui master in the Philippines? Certainly, I know one who is based in Cebu, Philippines and I have availed the services of Master Judith Eugenio. Honestly, the information I gained from such services (BAZI) helped me a lot with my decisions in terms of finances and personal well-being. I highly recommend her in this field.

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Who is Master Judith Eugenio?

She is a Cebuana/Filipina Bazi Destiny and Feng Shui Consultant based in Cebu, Philippines. However, she can do online BAZI consultations wherever you are in the world through video chat like Skype.

You may check her Feng Shui Consultancy here.

She's trained in Malaysia, Hong Kong, Singapore, Las Vegas, and San Francisco, USA.

What's the service I availed with Master Judith?

Live Bazi Consultation

Bazi is a destiny reading system based on the date and time of birth of a person.

Knowing my Bazi helps me clarify my decision making, understanding myself and my personality better and a clearer picture of my FUTURE (I think we are all obsessed with what lies ahead).

I availed her Bazi consultation last year (2018) online through Facebook during one of her live episodes on her page. It was just a general overview but the readings about my chart is clear and on point. I just realized it a few months later.

One example I have to share is the huge expenditure I have to incur in the given period she mentioned (August to December 2018) based on my chart readings. Yes, I did have big cash outlays that year when my dad died and when may partner (ex already) got hospitalized. It's a huge slice on my savings. The bills and expenses definitely hurt my financial standing and sustainability.

Given the information I received through Bazi that time, I could have been serious in managing the risk of losing my savings and think of precautionary measures and proper decision making in dealing with expenses. We could have done early check up or consultations in the hospital. More cautious with what we eat and should look further with our health which we failed to do and ended up getting sick.

Fast track to today, July 2019. I availed again the Live Bazi Consultation but on a more comprehensive one. It is about an hour of in depth reading and understanding about my chart. It's a personal one-on-one session with Master Judith. We met in one of the restaurants here in Cebu.

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Again, I availed her services the second time around as I'm satisfied with what she's able to provide. The information I got is certainly useful and I'm using it for any plan of action I have to do in my life in the areas of finance, business, health, relationship, self awareness and things I need to focus to fill what I lack in my destiny reading.

I certainly lack my Earth element which associates to Wealth. With the info I'm given, I know what to do.

So I highly recommend Master Judith Eugenio. If you are in Cebu or in the Philippines, we should be thankful she's here to help us. She can do meet ups (only here in Cebu) and the Philippines. But if you are located outside the Philippines, she can do it via Skype or Messenger with video chat.

Definitely, not an excuse not to avail her consultations. She's so far, the best I know in the field of Bazi and Feng Shui locally who is a professional and a certified consultant.

 What are the Services she's offering?

Home Feng Shui

Condo Feng Shui

Commercial Feng Shui

Office Feng Shui

Date Selection:

Wedding date, Business Opening, Signing Contracts, Business travel, Negotiation, Medical process, House/Office renovation or moving in, ceasarean

My thoughts on getting a Feng Shui Master

Payments Accepted

1. Paypal
2. Credit Card
3. Online Money Transfer
4. Bank deposit

How can you connect with her?

Facebook Page:

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