Less than Php 7k Budget to Boracay Travel 2019 - Airfare, Accommodation, Food included (Quick List)

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Cebu Blogger: When traveling to Boracay, it is good that we prepare a budget for at least Php 7K ($135) for a 4D3N stay in white sand beach Boracay Island in Malay, Aklan, Philippines!

Our travel date is May 25 to 28, 2019. There were four of us who decided to travel but unfortunately, one was not able to make it due to school issues. So, there were three of us to split the bill.

This blog post will show how much budget I allotted to food, fare, airfare, accommodation and miscellaneous.

For Boracay Budget Travel (Quick List):

Airfare – Php 2500

Accommodation Dorm Type (Php 500/night) – Php 1500

Day 1 Budget – Php 1000

Day 2 Budget – Php 550

Day 3 Budget – Php 600

Day 4 Budget – Php 475

Total: Php 6625

*It could be lower than that depending on your food choices. There are a number of fast food restaurants and a lot of street foods to feed your hunger. I think you can even survive with a budget of less than Php 5000.

But I would like to share with you my actual expenditures in detail so you can have a point of comparison against a very tight budget in Boracay.

Airfare Php 2500 via AirAsia

We booked a round trip plane ticket, Cebu to Caticlan four months in advance through a travel agency and sort of got a good discount. The travel dates is something that needs to be decided the soonest and earliest time possible to get hold of cheaper plane fares.

There could be a much cheaper airfare if we book via Kalibo but we chose Caticlan as it is just so near to the Caticlan Jetty Port. Around 10 to 15 minutes.

Php 2900/head for 4D3N at Frendz Hostel, Station 2, Boracay

Book here: https://frendzresorthostels.com/

If you prefer the DORM Room type. It is cheaper like Php 500/night! *budget travel

Not bad, right? And we liked the place. Nothing fancy. We got the privacy we wanted. Clean room and bathroom (this is important).

It got a pool where we can just kill time.

It has its own bar where we can order drinks from juices, to mocktails, to cocktails, to beers to whatever beverage we like. Also coffee!

They have their own restaurant and every Monday is “PASTA” night!

Our options were Bolognese or Vegetable pasta.

It is for FREE for dinner as long as you are a guest of the hostel! Hahaha… SAVINGS!!!!

So ready for the Quick Itinerary?

Day 1

Arrival in Caticlan Airport

-We headed straight out and looked for a tricycle to bring us to Caticlan Jetty Port. Fare is Php 35/head.

Arrival in Caticlan Jetty Port

-At the entrance (in a makeshift tent canopies), fill in the form and show a printed copy of your ACCOMMODATION to the Verifying staff.

Yes, this is important! It is like your passport to the island. Without it, you can’t enter Boracay! Keep that in mind.

-Proceed to the ticket booths and pay:

Terminal Fee: Php 100
Environmental Fee: Php 75
Pumpboat Fare: Php 25 (you can also choose a fast ferry at a more pricey fare if you like but we chose the pumpboat)

Head to the Passengers’ Waiting area and wait for the boarding announcement.

We docked at the Cagban Port. Sometimes, Tambisaan Port is also an option depending on the weather.

Arrival in Cagban Port

-We headed out and looked for a tricycle to bring us to our hostel. Our fare is only Php 40.00 per head.

Arrival in Frendz Hostel

-Of course, we confirmed our booking by paying cash at the reception lobby and got our welcome drinks! Choice from Iced Tea or Beer. I chose Iced Tea!

We arrived around 11 AM. Just perfect to go around and look for a restaurant for lunch!

Lunch Time 

-We are craving for a local Aklanon Cuisine for lunch. We went to D’ Mall that has arrays of food shops and restaurants from fancy ones to a carenderia-like set up. But definitely, we won’t go hungry! Lots of choices to satiate every bit of our cravings.

-Our choice is Island Chicken Inasal located at D’Mall, Boracay (Station 2)

Friendly Budget: Php 300 per set meal

Certainly, you can go lower than that if you are not that hungry! Hahaha

*Enjoying the beach in between*

Dinner time

-We wanted something fancy and all three of us wanted to eat pasta and pizza while enjoying a sunset view around 6:15 pm.

We dined at Aria Cucina Italiana, D’ Mall, Boracay (Station 2)

Classy Budget: Php 450 per meal


-Fee is Php 790/head
-You get an exclusive Pubcrawl shirt and access to bars.
-Visit them at https://www.pubcrawl.ph/

This is the home of the original Pubcrawl sesh in the Philippines and we really wanted to meet new friends during this bar-hopping endeavor. And yes, we did! Lots! Hahaha

We have ticked this as one of our bucket list when in Boracay! It is really FUN! Plus we get free booze!!!

It is the BEST NIGHT EVER! A very unforgettable one! 

Miscellaneous- Php 25

Total Spent: Php 1840.00

Day 2

Breakfast at Frendz HostelPhp 210

*Beach time*

Lunch at Station XPhp 330

-Definitely, the newest lifestyle food hub in Station 2, Boracay Island that we are so excited to visit. We checked a few restaurants and got what we wanted.

We had fried chicken at Winner Winner
Some tuna fish cravings and fried calamari fulfilled at Percy
Mango and Cheesecake tarts at The Tart Shop
CocoMama for the coconut halo halo icecream

*Beach time*


-Choriburgers are famous in Boracay so we did try one! We had it at Merly's. Php 50/per burger

-Jonah’s Fruit Shakes are staples when visiting Boracay. I had Banana-Mango fruit shake at Php 150

*Beach time*


-the hostel we are staying, Frendz is having a FREE PASTA night. And so we availed it. We didn’t spend a dime for dinner! Yay!

We highly recommend them not because of the free pasta but we just had a good time staying with them.  “Andaming AFAM” hahaha

Massage at Hue for Php 600

Total Spent: Php 1340

Day 3

Breakfast at Diamond Water Edge Resort

-Having breaky at the beachfront in the morning? No explanations needed.
-For my tocilog cravings and free juice drink, paid only Php 250
*Beach time*

Lunch at Hoy Panga!, Station 2, Boracay

 -All-in Budget: Php 450
-We highly recommend this restaurant!
-We will come back to it on our next visit.
-Grilled Tuna belly, sinigang and again, their squid calamari filled our tummies that day! Worth every penny spent!

Of course, how can we forget dessert?! We tried HaloMango and they are giving us heaven! Budget is Php 200


Pasalubong (Local Delicacies) Shopping at D’Mall. Budget: At least Php 500

*Beach time*

Snacks with Choriburger again (somewhere along Starbucks) at Php 50

Dinner at I Love Backyard BBQ, D’Mall, Station 2, Boracay

-Hearty Budget: Php 424

-Expect long queues of hungry mobs waiting to be served!

We got intrigued why these people (Koreans, Chinese, Taiwanese) would waste time lining up for this restaurant, so we also did waste our time BUT is definitely worth the wait!

The food is really delicious and we know why people flocked to this BBQ haven.

Total Spent: Php 1874

Day 4

Breakfast at Globy Travelling Chef

-Hearty Budget: Php 275

They are the first few restaurants at station 2 with a beach view to open early and offer breakfast!
And this is our last day in Boracay. We better have a good meal then.

Checking Out from Frendz Hostel

-We got a tricycle for Php 50/head to bring us to the Cagban Port

Arrival in Cagban Port

-We paid the ff:

Terminal Fee: Php 100
Pumpboat Fare: Php 25

Arrival in Caticlan Jetty Port

-We paid Php 25 for the tricycle to bring is to the Caticlan Airport which is around 10 minutes.

Total Spent: 475

My Total Boracay Island Expenditure for 4D3N is Php 10,929.

It will be much lower if I didn't eat at fancy and expensive restaurants but I can't resist to try some of them. There are a number of less expensive fast food restaurants to dine and that could be an option.

"para-paraan lang yan, guys"

Be a wise budget traveler!

If you have questions, do comment down below.

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