Can He Obviously Love One like ME?

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Cebu Blogger: I am so happy that I actually saved some articles of my defunct old blog for decades ( This one is a poem I've written around 2009.  The full version below:


I’m acting so strange this week. I don’t know if this is the effect of being disconnected from the internet. Hate Globelines for that! So what’s keeping me insane? Hmmm… someone just went inside our house and robbed my heart out! I don’t know if he’s returning it or not, but I beg not to! He’d rather keep it! 

In this time of boredom, I wrote a long POEM! Yes! Long!  Duh, dedicated to the culprit who stole my vulnerable pump machine!  

You came along to say HI

I’m caught still and managed to SMILE

When the time strikes to tickle

Seeing you makes my teeth to nibble

I noticed a spark in your eyes

That I'm sure I cannot deny

Time is so fleeting that you fade away

Now, I'm hopeless and got nothing to say

Each day, I’ve waited for your sweet words

I tried to read your lips that struck me like a sword

Is it because you never bother mean it?

Or I’m just crazy thinking of you and I a fit.

We have our own moment one time

And I just thought it is perfect and sublime

You seemed friendly to my unreal mundane world

It makes me excited, a dream to hold

Sometimes, you turn to me to ask about anything

And everything changes thinking we could be a thing

Are you unconscious of what’s happening?

I’m madly, deeply, crazy over you, dumpling.

You barely notice my infatuations over you

When all I think, is you my dessert in all colors and hue

How can I say thank you for making me feel this way?

You simply and magically make my day!

I can still remember you cracked a joke

A bit corny that I even got choked

It definitely delighted my day though

And that’s when I thought we could be a duo

I felt heaven to know that you're almost mine

Staring at you and holding your arm is so divine

It's like me eating cookies and you the perfect coffee

I can just wish the entire day to be you and me

 I felt lonely without seeing you and  I could melt down

The absence of you makes me breathless that I could drown

Loneliness is a tyranny that engulfed me in a room of sadness

Since I found you, free me from the bondage of loneliness

I survived standing alone under the vast skies
Knowing you are there wishing on what's beyond that lies

Hoping the stars collide and would fall right before our eyes

Like chasing cars, you can hear my cries

Oh Boy, you stay on my mind all the time without a break

You’re like the caffeine in my coffee that’s making me awake!

It’s unhealthy for me, my thoughts needs to rest

But it’s a nice heart remedy that sustains this madness test

Catch me I’m falling down my knees

The way you look at me is killing me like this

I’m drowning in this pool of love and hope

I think I need CPR from you, boy so I could cope!

Carry me with your strong arms, my sweet paramour

Like my silvery knight in shining armor

I don’t know how to end this ode for you

Damn, this is weird but I think I’ve fallen for you!

Sealed with a kiss,


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