What's the Affordable HealthCare Insurance for Seniors in Philippines?

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Cebu Blogger: This blog post is just my personal take on the most affordable health care plans for  Senior citizens in the Philippines according to my online research. I also guarantee that I subscribe to these (details below) plans for my mom who is already a Senior Citizen. She is 62 years old (2018). Personally, what I'm looking for is a plan with the BIGGEST coverage at a very affordable premium.  Of course, I'm also considering the shortest contestability to pre-existing conditions that most short term health care plans don't cover.   

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Here in the Philippines, only a few Filipinos are prioritizing the importance of getting a health care insurance. Though, there is Philhealth benefit from the government, the coverage may not be enough if one is admitted or confined in the hospital. Bills could be so expensive that it is essential for the family home to get their own personal health insurance. Perhaps, as many they could!

I'm also aware that there is an ongoing Universal Health Coverage Bill or known as UHC Act right now and I hope it gets to be a LAW asap! We Filipinos deserve much of it!

Again, I'm speaking based on my experience together with my family. If you have followed my previous post about Kaiser International as a healthcare , I have detailed my dad's admission in the hospital though he died unfortunately while still under confinement last August 2018.

Seriously, in just barely three days in the hospital, our final bill went up to around Php 110,000.00. That's how expensive being hospitalized nowadays. With that amount, one could really worry on how to pay it! It could be a burden for the family on how to shoulder this big medical expense. We are just like any average Filipino family out there. However, we have prepared for this kind of scenario by getting a health insurance years back.

How did we to pay our final hospital bill?

Good thing, my dad is a Senior Citizen and he is entitled to a 20% discount from the final hospital bill. He also had an automatic Philhealth benefit deducted amounting to around Php 22,000 based on the diagnosis. Thanks to my "advance mag-isip" attitude, I was able to get my dad his own personal health insurance way back year 2009 which has been fully paid after 5 years in 2013. I got him a Kaiser International Insurance and out from his extended benefit cash value, five years after paying the plan, we had accumulated an amount of Php 35,000 deducted automatically against the remaining balance after Seniors discount and PhilHealth.  After all deductions, net of the payable is our cashout of around Php 17,000 at least.

Should I have had gotten my dad a bigger policy plan or another "short term" medical insurance, we would have left the hospital with no cash outlay. But no worries, we were able to claim a life insurance from it and his Kaiser account will be transfered to my name as the beneficiary, so the benefits still continues. That's the beauty of that long term healthcare plan. Now, I have 2 insurance policy as I got one for my own too.


If we can get out of the hospital with NO cash outlay, the better! The solution, get a health care plan for myself and the family especially my Senior love ones with a BIGGER coverage that is enough to pay for the medical bills.

If you have parents or relatives or friends around 61 to 100 years old, it would be hard for them to get a health care plan that covers Emergencies, INpatients or Hospitalization, Life Insurance, etc. However, they should not worry! I have been doing my research online (of course) and came up with healthcare products that Filipino Senior Citizens could avail.

As a reminder, the plans I'm discussing below are the products me and my family are having or has active policy with. It is really up to you whether you will have one or get other prroviders I didn't mention. If you have a better option to present then please share it with us, comment below. We might get one as well. For as long as it meets the requirements I'm looking for.

Pointers to consider getting a healthcare plan for Seniors in the Philippines:

1. Check the age bracket of the plan if seniors aging 61 to 100 year are eligible.
2. Pre-existing conditions (like diabetes, hypertension, TB, asthma, etc.) will be covered after 12 months or the shortest contestability period. Some HMOs or healthcare plan (short term) don't.
3. Biggest Coverage with minimum Php 200K to maximum Php 1 Million or even more per year or per illness.
4. AFFORDABLE annual premiums.
5. Getting reimbursements is hassle-free.

And for me, these are thus far the most affordable health care insurances (short term) I got for my mom who is a Filipino Senior Citizen at age 62 (2018).

Name of health care: Kaiser Senior Care

click this link for the list of benefits or steps on how to APPLY.

Annual premium: Php 23,000 (for age 61 to 70); Php 28,000 (for age 71 to 75; Php 39,000 (for age 75 to 80)

Plan Coverage: Php 250,000.00 (maximum medical insurance is Php 1,000,000.00 depending on the premium)

Renewable: Yes. Pay the premium every year. It is a Short term medical insurance.

Pre-Existing Conditions: Covered as well as critical illnesses after 12 months of active plan policy

Life Insurance: None

Check this link for more info of this health care insurance for Seniors of if you want to APPLY!

Name of health care: PhilCare ERVantage Plus 80

click this link for the list of benefits. You can purchase it right away online.

Annual premium:
Php 1,750 only. Eligible age is only up to 64 years old.

Plan Coverage: Php 80,000.00

Renewable: Yes. Pay the annual premium. It is a short term medical insurance.

Pre-existing Conditions: Not Covered

Life Insurance: Php 50,000.00

*For this healthcare plan, I could only get this until my mom reaches the age of 64. After that, will need to find an affordable plan.

Summary for Healthcare plan for Seniors

Total Yearly Savings is Php 24,750.00 (Kaiser Senior care at Php 23,000 + PhilCare at Php 1,750)

Total Yearly Health Benefit is Php 330,000.00 (Kaiser Senior care at Php 250,000 + PhilCare at Php 80,000)

Total Life Insurance: Php 50,000.00 (PhilCare)

Of course, we still do not wish that we ever use these two. We will try our best to live a healthy lifestyle for my mom and to be always cautious to avoid accidents. But having the confidence that we got insurance when an unfortunate event might happen, we will be worry-free in terms of financials.

BTW, I also got my mom last 2013 a long term health care which is also from Kaiser International. It is a 3-n-1 product that works as a LIFE INSURANCE, HEALTH CARE and SAVINGS (PENSION) depending on how you like to use it.

As LIFE INSURANCE, if the insured or plan holder dies, the insurer (Kaiser International) will pay the insurance amount according to the policy plan to the beneficiaries.

As HEALTH CARE, if the insured gets sick any time, he/she has a benefit limit amount that he can use to pay the medical bills in the hospital according to the policy plan.

As SAVINGS, if the insured is healthy all-through out until he reaches his retirement age of 60 (in my mom's case, age 77) or even up to the maturity date (which is 20 years) of the policy, he can enjoy any accumulated cash value with interest based on his plan as his pension (if he wants to), for business, for travel, anything he wants for as long as he lives beyond 60 years old.

For my mom, our annual premium is around Php 44,000.00 that we have to pay for 7 years only.

Policy Coverage: Php 60,000 Annual Benefit Limit (7 years during saving period) in case of hospitalization.

Interest Rate: A guaranteed 10% interest based on the policy amount from the 8th year until the 20th year (the maturity date). This is what they call the Extended Benefit Period. Of course, the policy plan includes dividends as an additional health benefit bonus. A total of Php 612,000.

Term Life Insurance
: Php 75,000, 100% on dismemberment and natural death. 200% on accidental death.

A death claim equivalent to the policy amount to be given to the beneficiary, Php 75,000.

At maturity date, age 77, Total Health Benefit is Php 875,000

Account is transferable after death to listed beneficiary by the insured or holder.

As of to date, we have paid 5 out of the 7 years already for this insurance.

The plan enables my mom dental check up and consultations free for 7 years while paying. 
 Free Annual Physical Examination. So pretty much, we got that covered with this long term plan already.

Need to know more about this LONG TERM Health Care, Click here.

Why I didn't get these other health care plans?

CareHealth (but I might get this when mom gets 65 years old as Philcare is only until 64)

Annual Premium - Php 37, 791
Medical Benefit Coverage - Php 100k (1st year), Php 120k (2nd year), Php 140k (3rd year)
Age Coverage: until 65 years old
Pre-existing Conditions: covered starting on the 2nd year of the policy

Notes: you pay the premium for 2 years only, the coverage is until the 3rd year and this short term plan has a CASH Back option on the 3rd year too whether you have used the medical benefit in the first 2 years. As far as I know, short term health care don't offer a cash back! But this plan does!

My reason: Philcare is cheaper at premium of Php 1750 only with Php 80k benefit. And Kaiser Senior Care is only Php 23,000 annual premium with Php 250K benefit. And Same pre-existing conditions policy to be covered after 12 months.

Paramount Premium HealthCare Plus Plan

Annual Premium - Php 26, 958
SURGICAL Benefit Coverage only - Php 80K per year
Daily Cash Benefit /ICU Benefit when confined - Php 4k
Age Coverage: until 74 years old
Pre-existing Conditions: not covered

My reason: Philcare is cheaper at premium of Php 1750 only with Php 80k benefit. And Kaiser Senior Care is only Php 23,000 annual premium with Php 250K benefit with Pre-existing conditions coverage after 12 months.

Maxicare Prima Gold

My Reason: plan is only for Outpatient Consultation. Doesn't cover Inpatient benefits and a bit pricey too.

There you go guys. This is just based on my thorough research only. HMO health care plans not listed above is either,

- age coverage is limited (65 up is not covered)
- EXPENSIVE annual premium and LESSER Annual benefit coverage
- doesn't cover pre-existing conditions or contestability is 2 years or 3 years
- no INpatient (hospitalization coverage) and only offers OUTpatient consultations

Sun Senior Care by SunLife

Annual Premium - Php 38, 353 (payable in  10 years), Php 72, 855 (payable in 5 years), Php 117, 174 (payable in 3 years)
Medical Benefit Coverage - Php 450,000Age Coverage: 60 yrs. old and up
Pre-existing Conditions: Covers 17 common Critical Illness like arthritis, hypertension, stroke, paralysis, blindness, deafness, ERD, ELD, etc.

My Reason: The minimum annual premium is really pricey... we can't afford it. But it is not just a healthcare plan, it is also a health insurance plan which is Long Term. I'm looking for short term medical benefit only.

Again, the two providers that met my requirements for SHORT TERM Medical Benefit (renewable every year) are Kaiser Senior Care and PhilCare.

I just need to save a total amount of Php 24,750 per year for a good amount of Benefit coverage.

Should you have any questions, pls. comment below. Of if you know any better healthcare plans for Seniors in the Philippines, do let me know as well. I would greatly appreciate it!

Thank you!

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