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Cebu Blogger: Well, I have tried several brands that I purchased online or through a friend. I've been drinking collagen in powdered or liquid form for several years. Though, not consistent with the intake. I can date my usage way back 2013. For these years of testing, I've learned that any Japanese brand of collagen powder is highly effective.

Let me share with you the brands of collagen drink and powder that I've tried for years.

First is Potion IVI endorsed by celebrity, Gretchen "Greta" Barretto. I'm a fan of the aged-gracefully lady or shall I say, she's too young for her age.  A box of 14 sachets (5000 mg) is Php 1595. I also tried their ready-to-drink collagen (peach flavor) which has 10,000 mg of marine collagen. Price is Php 1990 for 10 bottles. I find this as my go-to anti-aging booster. And the result is really overwhelming (at least for me).

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 I also tried the Belo Collagen powder drink. Just one box of it. So far, I can't say it is effective as I've used it right after I finished my ivi collagen powder. For 14 sachets, a box would cost you a price of Php 1592.50. But  I do believe it does worked! So if it's within your budget and is just accessible, get one!

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 Through a friend who has a regular supply with Japanese products, I also tried Orihiro Placenta Collagen. Price: Php 1200 good for 20 days. The best thing about it is first, it is made in Japan. I super trust anything from it. It has already vitamin C! It is helpful to maintain that whitening effect. Though, I'm also taking in a separate sodium ascorbate 500 mg for maintenance.

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Next is the Shiseido Collagen. Also from Japan. And I got it though a friend as well. Price: Php 1995 and is good for 40 days already! It is also very effective. I'm taking in 2 scoops a day with this brand. The glow-effect is really real.

Photo credit: shiseido.co.jp 

 And the last brand I've tested is Meiji. I often bought it through lazada.com.ph. The one in a can. And also ordered the refill pack. The 28-day supply tin can is Php 1299 now in shopee.ph.  It has arginine and vitamin c as well. The refill pack (30-day supply) is around Php 990 only. Choose one that suits your budget.

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So, which of these brands worked for me? Honestly, all is effective in supplying collagen and making me young-looking. It's a good anti-aging powder that I can ingest or mix to my daily drink safely.

Price-wise, I would prefer Meiji. And a lot of it is sold online. You can easily have it delivered.

As to effectiveness in a short amount of time, I'll go for the IVI Collagen Ready-to-drink. If you have to attend a special party or event and you need to look really fresh and young. At least drink one bottle of it 5 days prior. And you will have that "gorg" effect.

Here's my suggestion.

For 2 weeks, take any brand I mentioned above. I meant the powder sachets with 500mg vitamin C. But I highly suggest the sodium ascorbate kind made with vegetable capsule.

5 days prior to your "big" day, take in the ready-to-drink from IVI in the morning on an empty stomach plus the vitamin C. And 1 sachet of the powdered collagen before bed time.

On your final day, you will look really fresh and young! Trust me!

In summary, any brand that is made in Japan is highly effective. You may try the brands I've used or you may do your own research and let me know what you have discovered.

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