How did Hershey Become a Cebu Florist?

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Cebu Blogger: It was three years ago that I launched my Cebu flower shop business (Flowers Cafe Cebu) in the eve of Valentine's Day in 2015. It was the most challenging time that tested my patience, perseverance, grace, and craftsmanship as a newbie floral designer.

But how did I begin? Let me start with a timeline (below).

November 2014

Me and three of my friends decided to meet and planned for our future flower shop. Coming up with possible brand name,  logo design, social media marketing strategies, sourcing out suppliers and etc.

Being a florist is not in my DNA to be honest, but I love flowers and I used to design a couple of home centerpieces but it didn't turn out as a passion, yet. However, friends would like to have a business partnership with me because that's what I'm good at! Launching and making business plans into a reality. *swear* LOL

To sum it all, this period was all about business planning and wishful thinking (for my friends).

December 2014

Unfortunately, one of my friends backed out due to some personal reasons. There are only three of us left to push with the plan. This is also the time that we had to check local growers and flower suppliers in Busay, Cebu. We tapped florists in the city who are in the business for decades. Soliciting advice and attaining partnerships where one of our goals unlocked.

We spent days trying to train ourselves in creating a simple bouquet, but only me is the one serious (wink).

January 2015

Again, in my least expected moments, the remaining two of my friends decided not to push through with the plan. So I'm left with ME, MYSELF and I!

Good thing, for two months of preparation with the business plan, I did a self-study tutorial on the basics of flower arranging, creating a bouquet, and a lot more. Thanks to I also hired a local florist to teach me how to create a gorgeous bouquet and got tips from them. As a self-examination, I thought, I can handle it myself. And this is really scary!

February 2015

The odds are in my favor. I co-shared a space with my tita who is also a cake designer a.k.a. Shebz Cakes & Brownies. We found a space for rent just right in front of her house. That's when I begin to have a physical flower shop based in Talamban, Cebu City.

The initial plan that we had with my friends months ahead was an online-based floral shop which still remains true up to this date. However, I grabbed the opportunity to have a physical shop to cater to walk-ins and I really thought to submit to register as a legitimate business entity in the city. Yes, I'm now a tax payer.

I did a soft launching with my flower shop, Flowers Cafe Cebu on the eve of Valentine's Day (Feb 13, 2015). But weeks prior to that, I made a deal with a High School classmate that I would supply flower arrangements for her co-employees in the company she works with on Valentine's Day. And with the help of Facebook Advertising, I received pre-orders already.

And the moment of truth, the soft opening was the most energy-draining experience I had. With walk-ins waiting in line for their bouquets while I create it right in front of them, talk about pressure, darlings!

All my flowers were sold out that day! And because of that experience, I became a skillful florist with grace under pressure! 2 days later, I literally didn't have a voice. It lasted for one week. I was really exhausted, I became sick. But I recovered after taking a rest for like one week too.

Succeeding months and years

With a number of orders coming  from clients overseas, through my website and facebook pages, I still can't believe this industry is keeping me alive.

I guess, I'm the first generation florist in the family. hahaha.

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I'm now teaching a masterclass in Basic Floral Design exclusive for Superyacht Academy in Asia and the Pacific Corp.

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