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Based on the statistics data, Filipinos nowadays are increasingly saving for the future and that we are now getting educated on the different ways and forms of investing. Though, only a small percentage of the entire Philippine population or less than 5% are into investing in stocks, mutual funds, bonds, real estate, health care and insurances. At least, it has improved from 1% in the past decade. Thanks to various financial institutions and organizations that offer knowledge and training on financial education.

So, what's the purpose of this blog post? I will be sharing with you my personal experience in getting myself financially educated and what really work or shall we say a living proof of investing.

Pointers that will be discussed below:

-Where to get Financial Education
-How to start investing and earning passive income
-Long-Term Health Care, Life Insurance and Personal Pension (3 n 1)
-Death claims and benefits when my father died
-Kaiser Medical Center locations and services
-Other ways of investing.


Financial Education through IMG Cebu (International Marketing Group)

My dad has been a member of International Marketing Group (IMG) in Cebu then, Aegon life since 2000. It is the financial institution that introduced our family into passive income, different ways to invest, health care and insurances. At that time, I'm still in 4th year High School in Dumaguete City.

IMG is the licensed broker for various financial products and services. It is a SEC-registered company in the Philippines and is also the only official broker of the international health care provider, Kaiser International Healthgroup Inc. (one of their major products).

Check them online here: https://1020if.imgcorp.com/ or visit them at JY Square in Lahug or PM me for inquiries.

When it's my time to work and get a job. Part of my adulting stint. I moved to Cebu in 2008 and worked as a call center agent.  In 2009, I went to the IMG office in JY Square Lahug, attended the membership seminar and participated in a number of financial workshops during my free time. And so I learned about a lot of ways to earn passive income, invest and save for the future. It is definitely a wise decision I took. I realized it now (2018).

Stock Market Investing, Mutual Funds, Bonds, and Insurances

Since I have access to a lot of financial education instruments through IMG, I was curios to try every possible ways so I could maximize my income and earn passively, save for the future or for my "personal" retirement or pension, life insurance and health care for myself and my family.

Stock Market Investing

I initially seek consultation from Financial advisers/partners in IMG teaching me with the system with Philippine Stock Market. I've been investing in the Philippine stock market for years, almost a decade now. Do let me know if you want me to coach you.

I do self study through http://www.pse.com.ph/stockMarket/home.html

For my broker I have COL Financial: https://www.colfinancial.com/ape/Final2/home/new_to_investing.asp

Thanks to youtube, there are a lot of video tutorials about investing in the stock market with the different brokers. I personally would suggest getting COL Financial. I've been using it since 2009. Again, I can personally teach you on how to start with.

In my case, I started with Php 20K as an initial capital in 2009. After I submitted all necessary requirements in opening an account at COL Financial: https://www.colfinancial.com/ape/Final2/home/open_an_account.asp. I am now able to buy shares of stocks from known companies.

I got shares of stocks with BDO, SMPH, MEG, JOH, JFC and TEL. I would highly recommend to invest first on blue chips stocks especially for beginners. Pls. refer to the MOST Active (meaning most traded stocks in PSE): http://www.pse.com.ph/stockMarket/marketInfo-marketActivity.html?tab=2

As they say, don't put your 'eggs' in one basket. Diversify. So that's what I did, I buy shares in various companies in different industries. Of course, Php 20K is not enough. I ended up putting more money, investing it. I can't give you an exact amount but it is definitely more than Php 500k for period 2009 to now. With stock investing, you can gain up to 100% or 200% or even more out from what you invested.

I would suggest, to think of LONG TERM (10 to more years or forever) rather than short term (days, weeks or less than 1 year). You will not rip the benefits of investing if your mindset is short term. Take that as a personal advice from an experienced Stock investor and trader for years.

One basic rule to remember, Buy LOW, Sell HIGH. It is very common sense that you don't want to sell your shares if you are not profiting from it.

Another way to earn passive money from stock investing is through DIVIDENDS. There are times, companies would declare dividends or excess in their funds to shareholders. It could be either a cash dividend or in a form of stock dividends (issuance of additional shares to your account).

My personal view, since I'm a long term investor, I'm buying more shares from the companies I've invested in whenever I have funds. I make sure I consider the lowest market value of the shares as of that time during trading hours. What I'm after is really to have more shares of stocks. As long as I can see "profit" on my portfolio, I'm good.

Mutual Funds and Bonds

If you are interested on stock market investing but still not sure on how to manage it or is afraid, you may try investing in mutual funds. The difference between investing in stocks and mutual funds is that there is an assigned Fund Manager in mutual fund. The Fund Manager is an experienced financial analyst and investor too.

The investors contribute money and  that's the money the fund manager will use to invest it too on different financial market and investment.

Investors could be any individual, companies, organization, banks, etc. that will pool their money and have the Fund manager to take charge of investing it.

I personally got accounts on the different mutual fund companies like FAMI, Phil Equity, Soldivo, PAMI Bond Fund.

For FAMI: https://fami.com.ph/
For Phil Equity: https://www.philequity.net/
For Soldivo: https://rampver.com/offer/soldivo-funds/
For PAMI: https://www.philamfunds.com/en/our-products/bond/philam-bond-fund.html.html

The Fund Manager is responsible in investing the money he got from the investors into stocks, real estate, bonds, insurances, various industries like mining, medical, construction, etc. and make sure, it will gain interest to benefit the investors.

Just an overview with my mutual fund investments:

FAMI (Save & Learn Equity Fund)

As of 2009 is around Php 1.5/share
As of 2018 is around Php 5.5/share

If you invested Php 10000 in 2009, your money by now (2018) is Php 36,666.

Profit is around Php 26,666.

Phil Equity (Equity Fund)

As of 2009 is around Php 10.00/share
As of 2018 is around Php 38.00/share

If you invested Php 10000 in 2009, your money by now (2018) is Php 38,000.

Profit is around Php 28,000.

Soldivo (Strategic Growth Fund)

As of 2014 is around Php 0.50/share
As of 2018 is around Php 0.88/share

If you invested Php 10,000 in 2014, your money by now (2018) is Php 17,600.

Profit is around Php 7,600.

 So there you go guys, that's just a basic sample computation of how your money grows through the years if you have at least invested it in mutual funds.


Kaiser International HealthGroup Inc.

When I resigned from my job in the BPO industry as a call center agent, my short term HMO which is Maxicare also ended. So, I have to secure myself my own personal healthcare for my future as well as for my aging parents.

Good thing, IMG's no. 1 product is Kaiser International Healthgroup Inc. It is a health care provider that individuals, companies or group can get. It has a long-term health care that addresses individuals after their employment or retirement years.

Today, in 2018, I realized the value of being a plan holder when my father died just this month in August. Kaiser International has been a big help paying our hospital bills along with other discount privileges from Phil Health and Senior Citizen. My dad is 65 years when he's gone. Of course, during his hospitalization, the transaction is VERY SMOOTH since we are Kaiser International plan holders.

How did I get it?

Since I'm a member of IMG, I also availed their product, Kaiser International. It was in 2009 and the plan that time  is the Kaiser Health Builder  5 years. It means, I have to save for 5 years for the plan. It was the old product. At present, the most updated plan is the Ultimate Kaiser Health Builder 7 years. It means, I have 7 years to pay for the plan I chose and wait until the 20th year for its maturity.  In simple explanation, I have 7 years to pay or save or accumulate funds for my chosen plan. On the 8th year until the 20th year is called the Extended Benefit period where there is a 10% annual benefit from the amount in my plan. And on the 20th year, it's the maturity date where I can encash the long-term benefit bonus (if applicable) and when my investments starts to earn 10% and dividends too!

I secured the form at the IMG office in Lahug, Cebu city at JY Square. Let me know you need my help so I can assist you.

To learn more about how this KAISER PLAN works, pls. refer to this video:

I got myself and my dad a Kaiser Plan in 2009 (old product, 5 years) and  in 2014, we successfully paid it in full. Will need to wait until 2024 or 10 years when our plan starts to mature with a guaranteed 10% interest per year based on our plan amount. I also got my mom just recently her Kaiser Plan. It is now the new product which is 7 years. We only have 2 years left already before we finally have it fully paid.

As an example:

My father's plan is K-55. It means, Php 55,000 plan. That will earn 10% annually starting in 2024.

During the accumulation or saving period (2009 to 2014), my dad and I has some benefits like dental cleaning; Annual Executive check up; in case of hospitalization, a room board limit of Php 600; Life insurance coverage; accidental death and disability coverage. Pls refer to the video above for complete list of benefits.

Since, my dad was not able to use Kaiser service during accumulation period (2009 to 2014) because he was overall healthy, the total amount that we saved for 5 years, will be returned to us as a bonus on the 10th year or in 2024 and we can decide to encash the whole amount of the bonus or leave a portion of it to also earn an interest too.

Death Claim and benefits with Kaiser International Plan Holders

Unfortunately, my dad died in August 2018 or 4 years after he fully paid his plan. This is what they call Extended Benefit period (2015 to 2024). This is the period when you are finish paying the plan until it's maturity date.

Going back to my example above. His K-55 plan started earning 10% in 2015. By 2018, he has accumulated around Php 33,500 during this Extended benefit period. The accumulated amount was automatically deducted from his hospitalization bill along with other deductions from Phil Health and Seniors.

Since I'm the beneficiary of my dad's Kaiser Plan K-55. All remaining cash fund and other benefits upon maturity will be transferred under my account. I also have my own Kaiser account so that now left me with 2 Kaiser plans. I also plan to get the new product which is 7 years just like my mom. I will definitely have 3 in the future. Or Kaiser will not limit you on how many accounts or plans you will get for yourself.

For the Death claim with Kaiser International, I have to secure the form at IMG office in JY Square Lahug, Cebu which is the official broker of Kaiser International.

The requirements are:

1. Certificate of Attending Physician (form is with IMG)
2. Certificate of Claimant (form is with IMG)
3. Death Certificate - original or certified true copy
4. Birth Certificate of the plan holder -original or certified true copy
5. Marriage Contract (if applicable) - if the claimant is the spouse, original or certified true copy
6. Birth Certificate of the Claimant - if the claimant is the children, original or certified true copy
7. Complete Medical Records from any hospitals/clinics that the plan holder consulted prior to his/her death.

For Accidental death:

1. Police report
2. Autopsy report

Fro Disability claim:

1. Attending Physician's Statement of Disability (form is with IMG)
2. Plan holder's Statement of Disability (form is with IMG)
3. Complete Medical Records from any hospitals/clinics that the plan holder consulted.

The Death claim is equivalent to the amount of the plan. In my dad's case, it is Php 55,000.

Below is a docu-video when getting the Death Claim at Kaiser's office in Lahug, Cebu City:


Kaiser Medical Center Clinic & Diagnostics

It is now OPEN and SERVING to the PUBLIC!!!

Anyone can now walk-in at SM City Cebu or SM Seaside and avail the services offered at the center.

For members and plan holders of Kaiser International in Cebu, there may be discounts and other perks that can be availed at the Kaiser Medical Clinic.

Everyone will now have the convenience and accessibility to Kaiser's services as it opens their Diagnostic Laboratory and clinic in SM City Cebu. Please see video below:

What are the services offered in Kaiser Medical Center?


• CBC w/ platelet
• Blood typing w/ Rh
• Pregnancy test
• Urinalysis
• Fecalysis
• Creatinine
• Total Cholesterol
• Triglycerides
• HDL-Cholesterol
• LDL-Cholesterol

Ultrasound Services

• Liver
• Gallbladder
• Pancreas
• Kidneys
• Thyroid
• Pelvic (Pregnant)
• Pelvic (Non-Pregnant)
• Breast
• Whole Abdomen

Digital Radiography

• General X-Ray procedures
• Chest PA
• Chest APICO
• Chest PA & Lateral Adult
• Chest AP/Lateral Pedia
• Ankle (AP/Lateral/Oblique)
• Cervical Spine (AP/Lateral)
• Cervico Thoracic
• Cervicothoracolumbar
• Elbow (AP/Lateral)
• Hand (AP/Lateral)
• Femur/Thigh (AP/Lateral)
• Finger (AP/Lateral)
• Foot (AP/Lateral/Oblique)


• Treadmill Stress Test
• 2D-Echo

Locations in Cebu:

a. 2nd floor (236-237), SM City Cebu, Mabolo, Cebu

b. Unit 0242 - 0246, Lower Ground Floor, SM Seaside City, Cebu

c. MDC Building, 2nd St., Corners Staffhouse, MEZ 1, Lapu-Lapu City.

Visit and LIKE their official FACEBOOK PAGE: https://www.facebook.com/KaiserMedOfficial/

When visiting the Kaiser Medical Center, you can avail these services as well:



 Other Ways of Investing

Investing in real estate is one form of investment or earning passive income. You may get a condo or a subdivision on a rent-to-own scheme. You may use PAGIBIG housing loan or Bank loan to pay for the balance of the equity. If you don't plan of living in the new unit, you can have it rented out and earn a passive income out from it.

Buying lots or piece of land. As time goes by, the value of these properties will appreciate. It's definitely a wise investment too!

Invest in pieces of jewelry or gold. When there will be currency fluctuations, gold can be use as a form of currency. You can also pawn it and get instant cash during emergency.

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Do I Believe in Feng Shui?

Theme: Feng Shui

Hashtags: #fengshui #flyingstars #bazi #threeluck

As a Feng Shui believer and a bit of a practicioner, I know this is a very interesting topic. So I might give some pointers about it, knowledge I'm willing to share. It is definitely an in depth system that really requires a certified Feng Shui master but will sneak out some of the methods I've adhered to and what I thought worked for me. Been doing it for years. So far.. it might be effective based on experience.

(this post will be updated)

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How did Hershey Become a Cebu Florist?

Theme: Cebu Florist

Hashtags: #CebuFlorist #FlowershopinCebu #CebuFlowershop

Cebu Blogger: It was three years ago that I launched my Cebu flower shop business (Flowers Cafe Cebu) in the eve of Valentine's Day in 2015. It was the most challenging time that tested my patience, perseverance, grace, and craftsmanship as a newbie floral designer.

But how did I begin? Let me start with a timeline (below).

November 2014

Me and three of my friends decided to meet and planned for our future flower shop. Coming up with possible brand name,  logo design, social media marketing strategies, sourcing out suppliers and etc.

Being a florist is not in my DNA to be honest, but I love flowers and I used to design a couple of home centerpieces but it didn't turn out as a passion, yet. However, friends would like to have a business partnership with me because that's what I'm good at! Launching and making business plans into a reality. *swear* LOL

To sum it all, this period was all about business planning and wishful thinking (for my friends).

December 2014

Unfortunately, one of my friends backed out due to some personal reasons. There are only three of us left to push with the plan. This is also the time that we had to check local growers and flower suppliers in Busay, Cebu. We tapped florists in the city who are in the business for decades. Soliciting advice and attaining partnerships where one of our goals unlocked.

We spent days trying to train ourselves in creating a simple bouquet, but only me is the one serious (wink).

January 2015

Again, in my least expected moments, the remaining two of my friends decided not to push through with the plan. So I'm left with ME, MYSELF and I!

Good thing, for two months of preparation with the business plan, I did a self-study tutorial on the basics of flower arranging, creating a bouquet, and a lot more. Thanks to  youtube.com. I also hired a local florist to teach me how to create a gorgeous bouquet and got tips from them. As a self-examination, I thought, I can handle it myself. And this is really scary!

February 2015

The odds are in my favor. I co-shared a space with my tita who is also a cake designer a.k.a. Shebz Cakes & Brownies. We found a space for rent just right in front of her house. That's when I begin to have a physical flower shop based in Talamban, Cebu City.

The initial plan that we had with my friends months ahead was an online-based floral shop which still remains true up to this date. However, I grabbed the opportunity to have a physical shop to cater to walk-ins and I really thought to submit to register as a legitimate business entity in the city. Yes, I'm now a tax payer.

I did a soft launching with my flower shop, Flowers Cafe Cebu on the eve of Valentine's Day (Feb 13, 2015). But weeks prior to that, I made a deal with a High School classmate that I would supply flower arrangements for her co-employees in the company she works with on Valentine's Day. And with the help of Facebook Advertising, I received pre-orders already.

And the moment of truth, the soft opening was the most energy-draining experience I had. With walk-ins waiting in line for their bouquets while I create it right in front of them, talk about pressure, darlings!

All my flowers were sold out that day! And because of that experience, I became a skillful florist with grace under pressure! 2 days later, I literally didn't have a voice. It lasted for one week. I was really exhausted, I became sick. But I recovered after taking a rest for like one week too.

Succeeding months and years

With a number of orders coming  from clients overseas, through my website and facebook pages, I still can't believe this industry is keeping me alive.

I guess, I'm the first generation florist in the family. hahaha.

Looking for a Cebu Florist or a Flower Shop in Cebu?

You know where and who to contact!

Order through my website at  http://flowerscafecebu.com

or through Facebook Fan Page: https://www.facebook.com/flowerscafecebu/

or directly sms me at 0929-798-2124

I'm now teaching a masterclass in Basic Floral Design exclusive for Superyacht Academy in Asia and the Pacific Corp.

Which Collagen Powder Worked For Hershey?

Theme: Anti Aging

Hashtags: #collagenpowder #collagendrink

Cebu Blogger: Well, I have tried several brands that I purchased online or through a friend. I've been drinking collagen in powdered or liquid form for several years. Though, not consistent with the intake. I can date my usage way back 2013. For these years of testing, I've learned that any Japanese brand of collagen powder is highly effective.

Let me share with you the brands of collagen drink and powder that I've tried for years.

First is Potion IVI endorsed by celebrity, Gretchen "Greta" Barretto. I'm a fan of the aged-gracefully lady or shall I say, she's too young for her age.  A box of 14 sachets (5000 mg) is Php 1595. I also tried their ready-to-drink collagen (peach flavor) which has 10,000 mg of marine collagen. Price is Php 1990 for 10 bottles. I find this as my go-to anti-aging booster. And the result is really overwhelming (at least for me).

photo credit: slideshare.net

 I also tried the Belo Collagen powder drink. Just one box of it. So far, I can't say it is effective as I've used it right after I finished my ivi collagen powder. For 14 sachets, a box would cost you a price of Php 1592.50. But  I do believe it does worked! So if it's within your budget and is just accessible, get one!

Photo credit: sampleroom.ph

 Through a friend who has a regular supply with Japanese products, I also tried Orihiro Placenta Collagen. Price: Php 1200 good for 20 days. The best thing about it is first, it is made in Japan. I super trust anything from it. It has already vitamin C! It is helpful to maintain that whitening effect. Though, I'm also taking in a separate sodium ascorbate 500 mg for maintenance.

Photo credit: nihon-yorozuya.com

Next is the Shiseido Collagen. Also from Japan. And I got it though a friend as well. Price: Php 1995 and is good for 40 days already! It is also very effective. I'm taking in 2 scoops a day with this brand. The glow-effect is really real.

Photo credit: shiseido.co.jp 

 And the last brand I've tested is Meiji. I often bought it through lazada.com.ph. The one in a can. And also ordered the refill pack. The 28-day supply tin can is Php 1299 now in shopee.ph.  It has arginine and vitamin c as well. The refill pack (30-day supply) is around Php 990 only. Choose one that suits your budget.

photo credit: amazon.com

So, which of these brands worked for me? Honestly, all is effective in supplying collagen and making me young-looking. It's a good anti-aging powder that I can ingest or mix to my daily drink safely.

Price-wise, I would prefer Meiji. And a lot of it is sold online. You can easily have it delivered.

As to effectiveness in a short amount of time, I'll go for the IVI Collagen Ready-to-drink. If you have to attend a special party or event and you need to look really fresh and young. At least drink one bottle of it 5 days prior. And you will have that "gorg" effect.

Here's my suggestion.

For 2 weeks, take any brand I mentioned above. I meant the powder sachets with 500mg vitamin C. But I highly suggest the sodium ascorbate kind made with vegetable capsule.

5 days prior to your "big" day, take in the ready-to-drink from IVI in the morning on an empty stomach plus the vitamin C. And 1 sachet of the powdered collagen before bed time.

On your final day, you will look really fresh and young! Trust me!

In summary, any brand that is made in Japan is highly effective. You may try the brands I've used or you may do your own research and let me know what you have discovered.

Share, share, share.

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Where to shop Cute Home Decors?

you can play this audio on Spotify, iTunes, Google Podcasts, Overcast 

Theme: Home Decor

Hashtags: #shopping #home #artsy #homedecor

Cebu Blogger: A lot of you might be wondering where do I shop some cute finds online and offline for my home decor.  Almost a year ago, I moved to my own condo unit which I'm so ecstatic to design and fill it with nice and artsy decor.

The first item that I bought was a sticker-mirror silver wall clock (fairy and butterflies) that I got from shopee. See below:

(this post will be updated)

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Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/hersheykissesme/
Contact: http://www.hersheykisses.me/p/contact-me.html
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/xerendipity1/
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Being an Oil-bularyo

you can listen to this audio on Spotify and iTunes

Theme: Oiliness

Hashtags: #EO #oils #EssentialOils

Cebu Blogger: Recently, I see some of my friends are into using Essential Oils (EO) for aromatherapy, wellness and for healing. That's great as I've been an Oil-bularyo for years already! My "discovery" to EO lead me launch my own perfume line in 2013 called Sweet Orgasm Perfumes. Since then, I got fascinated about the wonders of EO and how I used it in my daily living.

I've been using oils for beauty and wellness too. From VCO to Olive oil to Argan Oil to scents and perfume down to the purest of essential oils. Both food grade and therapeutic grade.

Will be sharing with you what oils I've tried and when to use them. Shall we start to run the list?

1. Virgin Coconut Oil (VCO)- it is perfect for the hair, skin and even well-being in general. Sometimes, when cooking a soupy meal, I'll add about 1 teaspoon of it. It's one of my 'secret' ingredients. And also Victoria Secret's supermodel, Miranda Kerr. Oh, di ba? Bega ang leveling?

Other uses:

For my facial mask with oats, honey and castor oil. I add about half a teaspoon of VCO to the mixture.

Ill add some to my black coffee too. Well, Kopiko Black. Hahaha

Where to buy?

Any Watsons outlets at less than Php 300 or any drug or grocery stores nearest you. Make sure its pure VCO.

2. Castor Oil - make sure it is cold-pressed. It's good for the hair and eyelashes. I often times mix it with VCO to lessen its consistency as it has a thicker one making it easily applied to hair and lips.

Other uses:

I mix it with other oils and ingredients to remove body warts and it is effective.

I use it for my little scars. Since it's rich in Vitamin E, I find it really effective! Swear!

Where to buy?

I got mine at Healthy Options in Ayala. I think it's less than Php 500. I'm not sure as I bought a big bottle before and has not consumed all of it, yet.

3. Moringa O or Malunggay oil- I stop using body lotion when I was in college due to some ingredients in most commercial lotions that I don't approved of or I find it harmful to my skin as I have a very sensitive one. Good thing, after years of finding the perfect oil, I found this therapeutic malunggay oil. This is the one I'm using for years for my body. It's actually better for "my" skin and it provides that beautiful glow without the need to use any body lotion. Sorry, I'm not a fan of any commercial lotions anymore.

Other uses:

It can be used on the scalp, hair or as massage oil. But I only used it as a topical for my arms and legs and neck too.

Where to buy?

Only available at Watsons outlets at it's only around Php 99.

4. Extra Virgin Olive Oil- Well, this is a no-brainer! I've used it alot when prepping food but mostly in salad dressings. I've read it somewhere that you don't need to use it as a cooking oil or apply heat to it as it could do more harm than getting the benefit  as it could turn to be toxic when breathing the smoke. Arggh, to be safe, just add a little lana de oliva in the middle of your cooking sesh as a secondary oil.

Other uses:

I add a teaspoon of it to my Bentonite clay mask with Apple Cider Vinegar (ACV).  Also in treating my warts and other scars along with castor oil.

Sometimes, if I ran out of Moringa O, I have a bottle of Olive oil enriched with Vitamin E from Watsons and use it as a skin lotion as alternative.

Where to buy?

Watsons for the bottle of Olive oil for Php 99 and any grocery store nearest you. Price could be around Php 300 and above per bottle of 250 ml. Go for the Extra Virgin Olive Oil. The brand I'm using is Contadina by Del Monte for my salad.

5. Garlic Oil Soft Gel from ATC- I'm not using it as a dietary supplement or for any treatment on heart disease. I have used it for treating some body warts especially on my neck along with VCO, Castor Oil, Vitamin E oil, ACV and aspirin. Will make a separate blog post about treating warts naturally soon.

Other uses: 

Dietary supplement. Refer to the manufacturer's website for details.

Where to buy?

Any drugstores nearest you or at Healthy Options. Price is less than Php 150 for a box of 30 soft gels.

6. Argan Oil- I swear to this oil. Hollywood often call this the "liquid gold". It is an organic oil extracted from the Argan tree in Morocco or Argania Spinosa Kernel Oil. It is super rich in vitamin E.

Make sure to get it cold-pressed. I have used and consumed bottles of it from three brands. I only use it to face, neck and occasionally on my elbows and hair. It is my external secret to supple cheeks and young-looking skin.  I apply it at day time before primer or just a leave-on and at night before bed time. It works WONDERS! If I have to rate the oils I'm using. I could put this at the first on top of my list that I can't live without.

a. Josie Maran's 100% pure Argan oil. This is the oil I've been using for years! And so far, in all other brands, I should stick to it. It's a bit pricey at around Php 2500 but I have 12 months to fill out the entire bottle.
b. Organic Alley's Argan oil. There's a point in time that I ran out of my Josie Maran's as I only shop it at Sephora in Singapore which is miles away. I got a cheaper one around Php 500 plus for a 30 ml bottle. It is my go-to day Argan oil. But nothing beats Josie Maran's!
c. The Ordinary. Argan oil from the Abnormal Beauty Company. Well, since the Josie Maran is no longer available in Sephora store (Singapore) when I asked a friend to buy it. She got an alternative brand for me. Well, it's close to what I first like. And so far, it works like JM too! Price is around Php 600 for 30 ml.

Other uses:

Can be applied at the tips of your hair (to get rid of unwanted frizzy hair and as treatment for split ends), elbows, knee caps and nails.

Where to buy?

All the argan oils I mentioned above can be purchased online on sephora, lazada.ph, zalora.ph or shopee.ph.

7. Maracuja Oil by Tarte. It comes from the seeds of the passion fruit. The essential fatty acids is rich in Vitamin C. Reason that is good as skin lightening. I don't find it as a whitening though. But could lighten up a dark skin. Also get it cold-pressed. I have to warn you to only use this at night due to its Vitamin C content, it could be highly photosensitive to one's skin.

Again, if you have applied products rich in Vitamin C on your face, avoid sun exposure, baby! It could highly damage the skin than do good! Remember the word, PHOTOSENSITIVITY. Promise!!!

It is just me, so to be safe, I only use my Maracuja oil on my face only before bed time. I alternate using my Argan oil every other night.

Other uses:

Can be applied to hair, elbows and nails. 

Where to buy?

Online at sephora and other beauty stores.

8. Pure Essential Oils. I've been quite addicted to use pure EO to alleviate some illnesses and perhaps, as a first aid treatment or my aromatherapy using my ultrasonic humidifier and air purifier or the use of a ceramic diffuser. As what I've said earlier in this post, I'm happy to know some of my friends are now getting, "oily". No pun intended.

Before we quote, "Oiliness is next to ugliness". Now, I can say, "Oiliness is next to godliness". There is something heavenly when using essential oils.

Are you excited which EOs I'm using up to this very day?

a. Lavender -just the smell of it, so soothing and relaxing. It has the calming effect jud! So if I felt nervous or uneasy, this is my go-to EO. I highly recommend that you should carry one on your bag.  I know KC Concepcion is a die-hard fan of lavenders!

b. Ylang-Ylang - I don't know but is has that euphoric effect when having s*x. Swear! Should I supposed to say that? It will enhance libido. Hahaha. I often call this a "sexy" oil.

c. Rose Geranium - is considered a poor man's Rose oil. Because a pure Rose EO is really expensive! But it has a similar scent though. And I love it if my room smells like roses!

d. Rose- even though it's a bit pricey. I got to have one! Why? Because it is rose! Who doesn't love the smell of roses?

c. Peppermint- this is an essential when I have colds or clogged nose. The minty scent definitely helps! But I only use it in the bathroom away from my feline friends as it's bad for them.  It definitely has a soothing effect.

d. Tea Tree- same as peppermint. It has good anti-bacterial and anti-viral effect. So it is perfect if you are into wellness. I love to mix it with lavender and sandalwood.

e. Frankincense - Good for immune system booster and when I need some elevation when I'm praying or simply trying to be more spiritual. It is also a bit expensive. But I got one! It is known as the King of all essential oils. If I want to channel peace and serenity for the moment, this is my go-to EO.

f. Lemongrass - I do believe that it drives off insects like mosquitoes and bugs. I often mix it with peppermint too if I want to jump up my mood with mint and citrus scents.

g. Jasmine - This is also one of my "sexy" oils. It works as an aphrodisiac for me. I don't know but that's how I'm feeling. LOL. I find this oil really romantic. So if I'm feeling in love, I've got to diffuse some Jasmine EO into the air.

h. Lemon and Verbena - Perfect for bathrooms! It instantly get rid of that stinky smell. So I often use it in my bathroom. The food grade lemon EO, I put a drop in my glass pitcher of drinking water for some wellness stuff. But I prefer using fresh cut slices of lemon.

i. Orange - Notice, I have a lot of citrus-kind of EOs. Hahaha. I alternate it with lemon on my bathroom. Works just the same as lemon but a bit tangy.

j. Eucalyptus - I love this oil! It has a cooling and relaxing effect. When I have  minor headaches, I can use a small amount and apply topically on my head. Caution, it can be bad for cats or maybe dogs for that matter. So avoid diffusing it when around them. When I get clogged nose, I use this too with peppermint and tea tree oil diffusing it to the air.

k. Sandalwood- Using it along with either lavender, rose, geranium, jasmine or ylang-ylang. I just love the woodsy and warm scent of the oil. Could be calming too. For me, it can't stand alone, it has to be mixed with other essential oils or carrier oils like jojoba oil.

l. Vanilla- It has a sweet scent. And I only use it when I'm happy. So I'm calling it a "Happy" oil.

m. Strawberry - I like using it in the bathroom along with eucalyptus or tea tree oil. The mix of sweet ripe fruits and minty scents is a bit playful on my sense of smell.

n. Cedarwood - this is a natural sedative and deodorizer that I love pairing it with lavender and rose eo. It has anti fungal properties and insect repellent. So I highly suggest one to have this at home! Diffuse it to purify the air.

Where to buy?

Watsons, price range Php 200 and above.
Ory Spa (Ayala) price range Php 300 and above.
Young Living (online)
doTerra (online)
Chemworld Fragrance Factory in SM City Cebu
Aromatherapy Cebu

These are all the essential oils I've been using for years, personally tested and guaranteed effective and have worked for me for the better. I highly suggest to test a small bottle of EO before buying big quantity amounts. I like testing it first to check if it works for me. Essential Oils may work differently on people. I hope this article will help or guide you, if you wish to start using EOs now. Again, it's ok to be "oily" nowadays.

 Let me know if you have questions. Comment them below.

"Oiliness is next to godliness"

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